Authentic, unique, high-tech: Winckelmans mosaic joins forces with SACMI forming technology

Authentic, unique, high-tech: Winckelmans mosaic joins forces with SACMI forming technology

French company Winckelmans, in the industry for no less than five generations, installs new SACMI production line at its Decize factory: the perfect way for them to respond to growing demand for their one-of-a-kind product, which blends tradition with modernity, sustainability with high performance

From large slabs to the uniqueness of mosaic. SACMI's unrivalled ceramic molding expertise is now to be found in an all-new production line for Winckelmans at their Decize-based facility in the Burgundy region of central France.
Founded in 1894, the Group boasts five generations of ceramists and is currently led by Barbara Winckelmans. It offers genuinely unique products, mosaics made of multi-colored technical stoneware, and takes an approach to design that skillfully inserts decorative elements into functional settings to merge tradition with modernity.
We shape our society”, says one of the company’s slogans. And indeed they do: their mosaics come in the broadest range of shapes, sizes and colors, from 100x100 mm to 200x200, both square and hexagonal, all inspired by the Art Nouveau style that was in vogue when the company was founded by Théophile Winckelmans. The outstanding quality of the materials ensures ultra-technique performance, with practically zero porosity and water absorption below 0.1%. What’s more, extreme hardness and resistance to wear make these products ideal for high-footfall areas (kitchens, bars, restaurants, wellness centers, etc.).
For this particular project, SACMI supplied a new 1500-ton PH press which, with products of this size, means ultra-high output rates. SACMI also supplied the horizontal dryer, kiln and handling and storage solutions. For the Decize factory, this means a huge boost to production potential and, therefore, their ability to meet growing market demand, as highlighted by the orders that flood in from all over the world.
Every location and every project are unique”, explains Winckelmans. That’s why they provide customers with an expert team of designers to meet every need. The result: ceramic haute couture is moving onwards and upwards to seize new opportunities, thanks to a unique blend of know-how and technology from WINCKELMANS and SACMI.

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