Tramontina (Brazil) enjoys ultra-versatile glazing with DUO by SACMI-SAMA

Tramontina (Brazil) enjoys ultra-versatile glazing with DUO by SACMI-SAMA

Following the recent inauguration of a complete SACMI plant, a new SAMA dip glazing solution is set to provide outstanding precision and versatility

Brazilian ceramic maker Tramontina has gone for DUO, the SACMI-SAMA dip glazing system that broadens the solutions range for small batches and the flexible management of trim glazing operations.
A major name in household retail items with an incredible 110-year history and sales in 120 countries, Tramontina has internalized tableware production with a complete, recently inaugurated SACMI-supplied plant, the only one of its kind in Brazil.
Thanks to its unmatched versatility, DUO complements this project perfectly as it allows for the ultra-efficient creation of small batches, samples and trims, all in synergy with the customer’s highly automated production lines.
Bowls, teapots, coffee pots and complex items are the order of the day for DUO, a SAMA-designed solution that automatically glazes hollow pieces. DUO is ‘smart’ and user-friendly, requires no complicated pre-start settings and was up and running almost as soon as it arrived at the Tramontina plant.
With DUO, pieces are loaded and unloaded manually. A simple control panel lets you keep tabs on everything and recall pre-set recipes as and when needed. 
Straightforward and precise, DUO maximizes glazing repeatability/quality even on ‘one-off’ pieces, making it the perfect complement to an ultra-modern plant like Tramontina, configured to produce up to a 1.6 million pieces per month.

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