CIPA GRES inaugurates new body preparation department with SACMI

CIPA GRES inaugurates new body preparation department with SACMI

New plant to produce spray-dried powder for CIPA GRES’s signature pressed products with through-body coloring. Accurate control of particle size distribution and outstanding process quality/repeatability will deliver excellent versatility and optimized consumption

With their through-body coloring, CIPA GRES products are renowned worldwide. Creating their distinctive style requires the use of mills, spray-driers and slip coloring tanks. And providing CIPA with all the key technologies - including auxiliary systems such as conveyors - is an all-new SACMI body preparation department.
This was designed with one overriding goal in mind: the manufacture of colored stoneware in over 40 colors. A versatile solution that begins with a SACMI MMC138 mill, the modular structure of which minimizes consumption and delivers outstanding flexibility thanks to a 3-module configuration. The result: the ability to obtain, almost in real time, up to 40 differently colored bodies with guaranteed process quality/repeatability and optimized consumption.
With this investment, CIPA has internalized production of spray-dried powder (it was previously purchased on the market) and achieved a dual goal: enhanced versatility and control of the production process, and a significantly greener body preparation process.

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