SACMI ATM, the global leader in spray drying solutions

SACMI ATM, the global leader in spray drying solutions

French multinational Imerys confirms its decision to purchase the very best SACMI technology for its Indian subsidiary  Imerys Steel Casting Pvt Ltd. A powerful, high performance solution that is also - thanks to SACMI-Eurofilter systems - an environmentally friendly one

The partnership between SACMI and the French Imerys Group,  the world leader in mineral-based specialties for the industry, continues to strengthen. Imerys has now chosen the SACMI ATM 36 to spray  steel casting fluxes at its Indian plant in Durgapur,  in West Bengal.
This particular order, which follows the installation of similar solutions in other Imerys plants all over the world (Brazil, USA, Germany, China, Korea, Indonesia, etc.), will be used in conjunction with the ATM 18 supplied by SACMI back in 2000. Currently being assembled, this latest SACMI spray dryer is one of the state-of-the-art new equipment for Imerys High Temperature Solutions Business Area to which the Indian manufacturing facility belongs.
More specifically, the SACMI ATM 36 spray dryer has been designed to maintain the required fluidity and structure of the slip being spray-dried, which must have, at the dryer outlet, a maximum moisture content of 0.5%. This particular SACMI-supplied model has an evaporating capacity of some 3,000 litres/hour.
The need to install the new ATM on the existing line proved to be a major challenge for both teams. Furthermore, the previously installed SACMI solution will, from now on, be used to ensure operational continuity when cleaning or maintenance work is needed on the new machine, which features special insulation and extra thermal power to ensure the very highest performance in terms of evaporating capacity and processing reliability. The ATM also features a 10 m³ TDT (turbine mixer) feed system to provide control over the increased output. SACMI has also developed another customer-specific solution by making the spray dryer a dual power system that can run on both CBM and LPG.
In addition to technical solutions, SACMI also provides an advanced supervision and control system that allows, via the touchscreen, users to download operational data and keep processing efficiency under control.
Environmental sustainability being a key factor for Imerys, SACMI-Eurofilter dry filter choice was also favored thanks to   SACMI Group leading environmental services.

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