Akij Bangladesh: with SACMI output boosted to 1.2 million pieces

Akij Bangladesh: with SACMI output boosted to 1.2 million pieces

New SACMI casting bench tested as company invests in significantly strengthening production. This latest order reinforces the partnership with Akij, which has been choosing SACMI technology - synonymous with quality and reliability - for years

With SACMI, the Akij plant in Trishal is set to expand its output capacity even further to meet demand on both domestic and export markets. One of the most advanced sanitaryware manufacturing factories in Bangladesh, Akij has already purchased several SACMI machines, such as a latest-generation tunnel kiln characterised by outstanding energy efficiency, dryers and a complete casting line.
AKIJ has recently installed and commissioned a new SACMI BCO066 casting bench, complete with plaster mould modelling. This will be used to manufacture one-piece siphonic WCs (the type popular on American and Asian markets). The SACMI-supplied bench can mount up to 66 moulds (33 per line) and be used to make complex WCs complete with tanks.
The first WCs to be made using the new SACMI modelling unit were presented by Akij at the Dhaka Ceramics fair (held at the start of December 2019) and were greatly appreciated by local customers. This investment is just part of the company's wider expansion plan, which holds a leading market position thanks to its ROSA brand.
Currently standing at 50,000 pieces a month, output is set to rise - once the new plant is running at capacity - to 1.2 million pieces a year, a goal Akij expects to achieve, thanks to support from SACMI, by the end of 2020.

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