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The final frontier of digital decoration and glazing lines for ceramics, by SACMI of course

DDG (Digital Decoration & Glazing) is the all-new solution that integrates dry and wet decoration devices, application of glue, glazes and materials to create ceramic products with outstanding aesthetic effects of unrivalled depth.
This solution was the focus of the second webinar in the SACMI Ceramic Innovation Days series dedicated to innovation in the tile sector. Following the first webinar on pressing technology - especially the revolutionary SACMI Continua+ - the company returned to the web for a live demonstration of the extraordinary potential of the DDG platform, a new milestone for the industry.
At the heart of the system lies the ability - thanks to the two different types of bars - to combine, in parallel, two distinct glue, grit and glaze applications. Perfect synchronisation with digital graphics and advanced design solutions ensure, on the one hand, perfect process repeatability, and, on the other, optimised consumption of raw materials, thus limiting waste and lowering costs.
Easily integrated on any type of production line, without any limitations, the DDG module can be installed upstream or downstream from the inkjet decorator. This lets manufacturers combine applications and maximise aesthetic and depth effects across all the most widespread, most popular product families on the market.
Excellent reliability and durability is ensured by multiple incorporated solutions such as the continuous bar cleaning system and selective material deposit (i.e. only in areas indicated by the graphics, thus limiting excess deposits and ensuring the machine is always perfectly clean).
Natively integrated with plant flow monitoring software, DDG features a remote control system that lets the SACMI team connect up with the machine, anywhere in the world: an additional service that ensures customers always get most from their investment in a SACMI Deep Digital Line.
This special presentation sees SACMI continue its Ceramic Innovation Days initiative, a successful formula that has so far attracted over 700 registered users, giving them the opportunity to put questions about the different solutions directly to the team and arrange subsequent one-to-one follow-up meetings. As of today, both webinars are available on the platform #SACMICeramicInnovationDays; connect to the platform to watch the presentations again and put questions to the team.
Read the in-depth info on the website CWW (Ceramic World Web)

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