SACMI PH Veloce, hi-speed pressing technology

SACMI PH Veloce, hi-speed pressing technology

The new PH5200 Veloce, the first of a new generation of even more powerful, higher-performing presses, sees SACMI renew its global leadership in traditional - yet future-focused - pressing technology

More productive, more powerful, more connected. The PH5200 Veloce is the first of a new generation of machines with which SACMI offers the best productivity and speed on the market, reasserting its leadership in the world of traditional pressing technology.
Equipped with new, power-boosting hydraulic circuit solutions, this machine lets manufacturers achieve maximum productivity according to the specific product/size being made. The result? The PH5200 Veloce can run at up to 14 cycles per minute with standard 60x60 sizes: a productivity increase of 25% or more compared to the previous solution.
"Thanks to daily interaction with our customers, in-depth knowledge of every stage of the production process and a global approach to the press-filling devices system", points out Gianluca Pederzini, Forming PU Director at SACMI Imola, "we're able to tweak every single technological phase to perfection".
The ability to optimise these different stages lets operators manage the process with maximum flexibility, ensuring consistently optimal performance to achieve the desired outcomes. "We’ve focused on the key characteristics of the press to make it more productive, efficient and reliable, thus ensuring maximum product quality at all times." adds Pederzini.
In general, the entire pressing process has been improved to meet the demand for greater productivity. This considerable increase in productivity also means greater sustainability, with the machine's specific energy consumption now one of the lowest in its class.
Over the coming months the PH5200 Veloce - the first in a new SACMI series to be launched on the market - will be joined by the PH3000. Other models of different tonnages will follow to complete the new range, a valuable addition to the consolidated Imola and 2000 series. At the same time, these new machines will feature further 'smart' packages to meet manufacturers' every production/service requirement.
Once again, SACMI leads the way on the traditional pressing front, pushing ahead with innovation just two years after the launch of a complete series of integrated-automation machines that brought forward the 4.0 revolution in ceramic factories.
What's more, this smooth evolution confirms the competitive advantage that only SACMI - a worldwide supplier not just of presses but also moulds and complete filling devices - can provide. This global approach to machine and market has, so far, seen SACMI sell over 13,000 ceramic presses in no less than 93 countries worldwide.

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