SACMI-Euroelettra gives ACCIAIERIA ARVEDI a clean energy boost

SACMI-Euroelettra gives ACCIAIERIA ARVEDI a clean energy boost

Complete "thermal waste" retrieval system designed and installed, preventing the release of 16,000 tons/year of CO2 into the atmosphere. Yet another milestone for the industry, coming in the wake of over 10 years' experience in the revamping and efficiency-enhancement of thermal and hydro-electric power stations.

SACMI-Euroelettra is the perfect all-round plant sustainability partner: to see why, just take a look at the Acciaieria Arvedi steelworks, which appointed this SACMI Group company - in partnership with a US multinational - to design and install a complete energy recovery system for their plant in Servola (Trieste).
A SACMI Group company specialised in the design of plant automation and efficiency solutions, Euroelettra won this key steel industry order after gaining over 10 years' experience in revamping and efficiency-enhancing thermal and hydro-electric power plants.
The first stage was a system designed to recover heat from the fumes of the coking plant, which produces 12 tons/h of saturated steam at 174 °C, a valuable resource that can be used for various in-plant applications. Instead of drawing energy from the thermoelectric power station located alongside the plant as before, the steam is now fed back into the production cycle, providing a zero-cost raw material that ensures both economic and environmental savings.
Second stage of the project: the system for retrieving the hot air exiting the agglomerate mix cooling process fans. This allows for the production of 120 tons/h of hot water at 90 °C, used in the sheet metal pickling plant in the cold rolling area.
Completed between 2016 and 2019, these systems have cut Arvedi’s in-atmosphere CO2 emissions by over 16,000 tons and given it access to thermal waste recovery incentive funds valued at 7,000 TOE/year for 5 years.
SACMI-Euroelettra provides real added value by doing everything needed to ensure customers achieve their sustainable production goals, as highlighted by the fact that the firm has also been awarded a 5-year management contract for all energy recovery systems at Acciaieria Arvedi's Cremona plant. A highly specialised team is performing all on-site electrical and mechanical maintenance on energy production/recovery systems and provide remote 24-7 assistance services 365 days a year.

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