SACMI 12-bar DHD, the versatile “multi-resolution” machine

SACMI 12-bar DHD, the versatile “multi-resolution” machine

This latest proposal broadens and completes SACMI’s wet decoration machine range, adapting it to product and market developments. Its strongpoint: independent management of inks and materials, with upstream software control of the different print resolutions

Diversified products, small lots and, above all, the need to respond to changing production and market requirements in an efficient, versatile matter. Hence the new 12-bar DHD, SACMI’s latest digital wet decoration machine which extends and completes the SACMI Deep Digital range.
In its ideal configuration (8+4), the machine allows fully independent control (also from a mechanical viewpoint) of the bar set dedicated to color (ink) and the head set that deposits effects (glazes and materials).
The first reason for this is the different frequency with which the two sets are used. When inapplicable to the product/graphics, the "materials set" can, in fact, be mechanically raised above the printing area and protected via the automatic spitting system. This keeps the nozzles perfectly clean, ensuring they’re ready for operation at maximum efficiency.
And that's not all. The SACMI 12-bar DHD is designed to allow upstream management of different "native" resolutions of different commercially available heads. This makes it possible to select the most suitable head for the desired application. SACMI-patented FLS (Frequency Linearization Screening) software divides up the layers in the upstream graphics project in a way that matches the specific resolution and control electronics of the different head types.
The main plus-point of this SACMI solution is that it lets customers respond to different decoration and digital printing needs via a single platform, all at maximum efficiency. SACMI extends this “native” multi-resolution management to other dry and wet digital decoration solutions, in particular the SACMI DDG, to combine deposits of dry/wet materials and effects.
From a customer perspective, note also that the investment can be made gradually and still provide the best results in relation to production needs. For example, customers can purchase an initial DHD smart configuration with 8 bars in total (two of which are dedicated to material deposits). Then, over time, they can install new bars in keeping with market demand and changes in the product portfolio.
Daily contact between SACMI and leading ink and glaze manufacturers provides further added value and guarantees for customers, who can count on the best available technology in terms of the formulation and physical-chemical behavior of the materials. For example, note the increasingly widespread use, particularly with effects, of water-based compounds. These have less impact on the environment but are difficult to manage efficiently unless dedicated purge & spitting systems are used to ensure lasting reliability and repeatability.
From a product viewpoint, the 12-bar DHD comes in different size-related versions. Moreover, it can handle not just a complete color range but the deposit of various non-pigmented fluid types (sheens with iridescent, glossy, matt, white effects, etc.) to give tiles a wide range of chromatic and material-like effects. Lastly, digitally synchronizing DHD with other SACMI Deep Digital solutions allows a fully 4.0 approach to ceramic decoration, resulting in continuous technological development to maximize versatility, customization, cost optimization and return on investment.

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