Sanitana chooses SACMI’s AVI: automation and versatility for the sanitaryware industry

Sanitana chooses SACMI’s AVI: automation and versatility for the sanitaryware industry

The Portuguese company invests in its future with the purchase of two new robot-assisted AVI casting modules to obtain maximum flexibility and efficiency for the production of complex WCs.

SACMI Sanitaryware’s
leading AVI technology, providing flexibility and automation for sanitaryware casting, has recently been installed at Sanitana, top Portuguese manufacturer in the sector. With the main objective of achieving maximum versatility in the manufacture of complex WC bowls with up to 7 parts, Sacmi developed and launched the AVI Solution to complete its range of machines renowned throughout the international industry for pressure casting of ceramic sanitaryware. 
Two AVI150 casting modules have been supplied to the Portuguese customer, served by a demoulding robot. One of the special features of the system is the possibility to cast the different parts which make up the WC in parallel, while the 700 kg Fanuc M900 robot controls all the mould opening-closing and handling functions as well as demoulding and the operations to stick on the single parts of the WC bowl.
Specially designed to reduce mould changeover time from several hours to no more than 30-60 minutes, this configuration eliminates line downtime since changeover can be carried out in fully automatic mode without stopping the machine. Another determining factor contributing to the overall efficiency of the cell is the SACMI FPV pre-drier, which speeds up the piece ageing process carried out in a controlled environment, thus saving time and energy consumption.
The same robot assists the pre-drier, also turning over the piece where necessary with the help of special tools and thanks to the machine feature which allows for flexible control of mould inclination during casting. In this way, production is always carried out under optimum conditions according to the particular piece being made.
Thanks to its carefully chosen market strategy, SACMI developed AVI in such a way as to ensure that the fleet of moulds can be installed in a perfectly interchangeable way with the other WC casting solutions in its range: AVE and AVM. As a result, the customer can manage its investment in a gradual manner with all the guarantees of reliability and technical assistance that SACMI offers for the entire lifecycle of the plant

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