Saturnia buys second SACMI-Sama GREEN series press

Saturnia buys second SACMI-Sama GREEN series press

Saturnia invests in sustainability and versatility with a second PHO 451 GREEN press, equipped with OFM universal finishing machine, recently installed at the Corchiano (Vt) plant. 

A long-standing SACMI-Sama customer, Porcellane Saturnia has purchased a second PHO GREEN press, bringing to 4 the number of SACMI-Sama machines installed at the Corchiano (Vt) plant situated in the heart of the Civita Castellana ceramic district.
The new machine is for isostatic pressing of tableware items of various shapes and sizes (plates with a diameter of up to 38 cm for round and oval articles, or diagonal of up to 40 cm for rectangular and square plates). It is the most competitive solution on the market as regards energy consumption savings which can be up to 30% or more compared to a traditional press.
In addition to these net energy savings, the GREEN Series also reduces cooling water consumption thanks to less overheating of the hydraulic oil used during pressing. Already finding success in North European markets, the PHO GREEN is proving to be the most sustainable solution in temperate climates also, thanks to the reduction in electricity consumption connected to cooling of the recirculating water.
The press supplied to Saturnia is equipped with a universal SACMI-SAMA OFM 8-38 finishing machine, a solution which stands out for its capacity to handle, at a top level of efficiency, finishing of “non-round” articles thanks to the electro-mechanical system which detects the piece perimeter before sending it on to the successive finishing stations.
The distinguishing feature of the SACMI-Sama supply is that it minimizes inefficiencies in the handling of different articles – from quick changeover to automatic finishing. Thanks to this key advantage, the solution perfectly matches the customer’s strategy which is oriented towards the European Tableware market with a product pull logic, limited batches, personalized production, reduced time-to-market and lower operating and environmental costs.
The new SACMI-Sama press will sit alongside its “twin” GREEN press, supplied to Saturnia in 2016, as well as another two latest generation isostatic presses that have already been in production for a while. At the same time the company will keep running the several older SAMA presses demonstrating the long-term reliability of the SACMI-Sama solutions which have always been considered a benchmark on this market.  With the new machines fully operative, the installed production capacity at Saturnia can start to exceed 15 million pieces per year.

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