SACMI Packaging & Chocolate a Fruit Attraction <br>under the sign of «total versatility»

SACMI Packaging & Chocolate a Fruit Attraction
under the sign of «total versatility»

The company exhibits the new generation TF80 L forming machine characterized by extensive and diversified applications and maximum versatility in the management of format changeover. In the background, the complete offer of solutions for primary and secondary packaging to fulfil any production requirements.

The complete SACMI Packaging & Chocolate proposal for the produce world is at Fruit Attraction 2022, the international exhibition of technologies for packaging and processing of fruit and vegetables scheduled in Madrid from 4th to 6th October.

In the company’s exhibition space (booth 8 stand 8B13B), visitors will have the opportunity to get to know more closely the range of SACMI Packaging & Chocolate forming machines, designed to combine maximum performance and versatility with different formats-packaging systems.

In particular, on display at the booth is TF80 L, a high performance machine – up to 120 pcs/min – for forming small trays, with extensive and diversified applications, characterized by wide versatility and quick format changeover. The machine is designed to assemble trays of various shapes and is equipped with a large blank magazine (up to 1.7 meters).
It is the design features of the forming machine that make its extreme versatility possible, such as the double movement system of the chain and the press with brushless motor, for optimized use of mould work cycle. These features allow the reduction of format changeover times and maximum adaptability to trays of different shapes and sizes.

TF80L is part of the widest range of systems for forming and packaging in trays designed by the company’s Tray Formers Division. Among the proposed solutions, a range of machines for forming corrugated and compact cardboard trays suitable for the packaging of various products including TF12
(4-glued-corners trays with top flap and doubling), TF40 Imola (trays with reinforced corners).
All machines are designed to optimize format changeover times, maximizing the use of adjustments with handles and, where possible, by programming work parameters.
As a complete supplier of solutions for primary and secondary packaging, SACMI Packaging & Chocolate offers, among others, the machine for the automatic insertion of polyethylene bags in open and semi-lid trays (PB20), a solution of great interest for the produce world, characterized by high speed and compatibility with materials of different densities and workmanship. 
A wide and diversified offer that SACMI Packaging & Chocolate extends to automatic flowpack packaging solutions and to the special range of vertical packaging machines produced and marketed under the SACMI brand.
What distinguishes Packaging & Chocolate as an international technology suppliers is the superior quality of assistance and service, thanks to SACMI Global Network and prompt technical assistance and spare parts located in strategic offices throught  the world.

Visit us at Fruit Attraction (4-6 october 2022, IFEMA Madrid), pad. 8, stand 8B13B!

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