The Indian market sets its sights on SACMI bottling lines

The Indian market sets its sights on SACMI bottling lines

Various ongoing projects with the market’s top players include the supply of no less than fifteen FLEXIOPERA labelers and the installation of a next-gen COMBO Blo2Fill, expected to be completed within the year. The SACMI Engineering team - a customer assistance cornerstone - continues to go from strength to strength

Indian bottlers have their eyes on SACMI bottling lines. They’re also making major investments in labeling machines, with a next-generation COMBO Blo2 Fill soon to be installed.


Already the world’s leading provider of closure manufacturing solutions, SACMI has been designing machines and complete bottling lines (stretch-blowing, filling, capping, labelling) for 20 years. 
Exclusive technologies and an in-depth understanding of materials and processes have, over the years, consolidated SACMI's already-sterling reputation, as have certified solutions and solid partnerships with the world’s major brand owners.

Labelers are the focus of leading Indian players’ investment plans

SACMI recently supplied key players in the worldwide bottling industry - who have production facilities here in India - with no less than fifteen FLEXIOPERA 300T and 400T solutions. Their purchasing decisions stemmed from the extraordinary characteristics of this labeler, the benchmark in the hi-speed labelling segment.

FLEXIOPERA Roll Fed: a SACMI exclusive 

OPERA Roll Fed is an exclusive SACMI solution for high-speed labeling with roll-fed technology. The solution delivers:
  • High output rates, up to 81,000 applications per hour
  • Accurate and precise control of label application
  • Ergonomic design, ensuring user-friendliness and easy maintenance
  • Fast, flexible format changeovers
Furthermore, FLEXIOPERA RollFed is versatile because it can handle all types of label, even if made of different materials (plastic, paper). 
The optional LVS (labelling vision system) is available across the entire range. This SACMI-designed advanced quality control system is fully compatible with all the machines in the SACMI portfolio and its use requires no adaptation work.

Complete plants, COMBO Blo2Fill now in India

All-inclusive solutions - from stretch-blowing and filling to the capped, labeled bottle - are another SACMI hallmark, as you’d expect from a company with a strong plant engineering vocation in all the industries it operates in.
Together with the other proposals in the range, the new COMBO Blo2Fill offers outstanding innovation in the form of compact design, logistical simplification and high levels of process automation, as exemplified by the new fully servo-assisted electronic capping control system (FEC); the latter operates alongside the cap feeder (CCS, Continuous Cap Supply), which features waterfall technology and visual cap inspection. The new capper has evident advantages in terms of fast, precise control, especially with regard to the new lightweight caps, an area in which SACMI leads the world with its compression technology (CCM).

Also exclusive to SACMI is the dual mold cavity, which doubles productivity on small-medium formats.
By the end of 2023, in fact, a new COMBO capable of producing 50,000 bottles per hour will be installed in India, strengthening SACMI Beverage’s standing in the country also as a complete plant engineer.

SACMI Engineering: always by your side

SACMI Engineering is a vital hub for Indian customers who choose SACMI technology. The ability to assist customers at every stage and provide valuable consultancy on product and process goes hand in hand with the far-reaching, punctual technical assistance and original spare parts services provided throughout the lifespan of the machine or plant.
Recently strengthened, the SACMI Engineering facility now has new resources dedicated to the beverage area. This ensures customers can count on a level of support that matches the positive dynamics of a market that is of crucial importance to business development prospects.

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