SACMI Packaging & Chocolate, tradition and innovation with a face to the future

This new organisational model, together with the promotion of the historical brands, will help the business verticalisation process by making use of an extensive know-how acquired over a century of industrial tradition. And so today the Carle & Montanari-OPM and CM-FIMA companies become global partners in the chocolate industry through the new SACMI Packaging & Chocolate Division.

The new Division, the culmination of a process begun back in 2002 when SACMI acquired the historic Carle & Montanari company, includes four business units – Process and Moulding, Primary Packaging, Secondary Packaging, and Wrapping. “The establishment of the Division and its clear subdivision according to type of business,” explains SACMI Packaging & Chocolate CEO, Giovanni Campolungo, “provide answers, on the one hand, to our need to be present in a more widespread and structured way in each of the business areas, while on the other, to our wish to confirm SACMI Group’s strong commitment to this sector, allowing these companies, fully controlled by SACMI, to improve their position in the Global Network.”

This combination of resources that focus on developing business solutions for the industry – and divided per type of business – represents the new SACMI Packaging & Chocolate business strategy. The new Division is to boost its historical brands adding value to their products and respective markets. These brands include: Carle & Montanari, established back in 1907 and now a worldwide symbol for quality chocolate moulding solutions, OPM and FIMA. Specifically, Carle & Montanari is to operate the Process & Moulding business unit, and along with FIMA the Wrapping business unit. OPM is to operate the Primary and Secondary Packaging B.U.

Production expertise and deep knowledge of product and market, superior know-how in the field of chocolate production (which explains why, despite our gradual opening to other sectors such as confectionery and bakery, the term ‘chocolate’ is part of the name of the new Division), improved production skills and plants, along with new investments in buildings and machinery, represent the strengths of the Division, which in 2018 has accelerated considerably its development of new products and new plant engineering solutions.

“The integration of business structures within the Group, each with its own specific expertise,” explains CEO Giovanni Campolungo, “allow the Packaging & Chocolate Division to fulfil the SACMI Global Network potential and seize all the opportunities offered by an industry that is currently in constant growth.” Taking full advantage of the companies’ traditional heritage and expertise is made possible also by the continuous and constant investments made by the SACMI Group, expressing this way its sustained commitment to this strategic sector.

SACMI Packaging & Chocolate, tradition and innovation with a face to the future

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