Carton packaging machines

Secondary packaging machines in boxes (with three layers and one layer), trays, displays, wrap around, flowpack products, envelopes, boxes, trays, capsules, pralines

Active Line

The machines of the Active series have been developed to meet specific characteristics in terms of speed, performance and type of product/box.
Standard mass-production allows for fast delivery times.
Characterised by an extremely compact footprint and streamlined construction, they make operator work and preventive and predictive maintenance easier.
The Active series includes boxes and trays forming machines, single or multi-function packaging islands for flowpack or carton products, closing machines for boxes with flaps or American-type cases. 
Trays packaging machine - ACTIVE S114

Trays packaging machine - ACTIVE S114

Wrap Around tray & lid

Wrap Around machine for packaging from flat blanks, in boxes plus lids. The configuration includes two feeding lines for the product, which is inserted into the package on edge.

Performance Line

The machines of the PERFORMANCE series are fully configurable. 
In addition to basic functions, such as forming-filling and closing/capping, they can feature other functions such as labelling, weight control, marking, vision systems, gadget insertion, interlayer positioning, etc. 
The modular structure and integrated control panel result in a compact footprint and high accessibility. 
Format changeover is easy, tool-less, and on request also fully automatic. All the parameters of the main features can be managed from the operator panel.
Box forming system - PERFORMANCE S334

Box forming system - PERFORMANCE S334

Tray with lid, display unit with lid

Three-functional island, with robotised forming, filling with robots with product sorting and glue sealing of lids by means of 2-axis robots. Configurable for different boxes and products.

Box forming system - PERFORMANCE S111 WRAP

Box forming system - PERFORMANCE S111 WRAP

Wrap Around with bundle push insertion

Wrap around to fill and close boxes starting from a single flat blank. The preparation of the bundle is fully configurable according to sizes, insertion in the box is managed by a pusher.

Advance Line

ADVANCE series machines meet the highest performance requirements in terms of product insertion speed and box forming/closing. 
The high technological, mechanical and electronic level allows high quality products to be handled - with the possibility of creating special packages and levels of performance such as to reduce the number of machines in the line. 
The use of high-speed feeders and Fast Picker robots for the product, linear motors for boxes, vision systems, and facilitated handling units for the operator guarantees high production efficiency and allows the creation of different types of multifunction machines.
Product packaging and collection system - ADVANCE S999

Product packaging and collection system - ADVANCE S999

Carton packing island

Island to pack cartons in trays with lid. Forming and lid placement are controlled via two robots each, to ensure high speed with box sizes up to a quarter of a pallet.

Form filling and box closing system - ADVANCE S1004

Form filling and box closing system - ADVANCE S1004

Multi-function island for boxes and cases

Multifunction island for forming, filling and closing three-flap boxes, which are then packaged in crates on edge, or product insertion in flowpacks directly into American cases controlled by external machines.

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