SACMI RobotGlaze, 12 new glazing robots for Kohler Asia Pacific

The new robotized glazing lines will be installed at the production plants in Foshan and Shenyang as part of a global strategy which sees Kohler renew its long-established relationship with SACMI thanks to its choice of the RobotGlaze technology; the best solution for productivity, flexibility and sustainability.

The partnership between SACMI and Kohler Asia Pacific is renewed with the supply of RobotGlaze solutions for the robotized glazing of sanitaryware. Following numerous successful machine installations carried out in recent years, especially at the Foshan Kohler and Zibo Kohler plants, the customer once more commissioned SACMI to supply a further 12 glazing robots. This new project is part of an ambitious plan by the multi-national manufacturer of top-quality design sanitaryware to expand its production capacity in China.
In particular, 8 robots are again destined for Foshan Kohler, hub of the Group’s operations in China since 1995. The new robotized glazing solutions will be added to the existing lines to reinforce the expansion plan at this production plant situated in the Sanshui district, Province of Guangdong.
4 RobotGlaze solutions, on the other hand, are to be installed at Shenyang Kohler, the factory based in the city of the same name which is among the most important industrial centres of North-Eastern China.  
With this investment, Kohler aims to replicate and extend to this market the hugely successful results already achieved on a world scale thanks to the SACMI robotized glazing systems already in operation at the Group’s other production units around the globe. Above all, SACMI’s RobotGlaze solutions are recognized for their unique capacity to combine productivity and flexibility whilst optimizing raw material consumption and ensuring maximum operator health & safety in the workplace.

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