SACMI @Ceramics China 2024

SACMI @Ceramics China 2024

Further expansion of the forming and digital decoration range to play a starring role, with specific solutions for the Chinese market. Once again, SACMI will be attending Asia’s largest ceramic fair, from 18 to 21 June 2024 (Canton Fair Complex, Guangzhou)

SACMI has been exhibiting at Ceramics China for almost 40 years. Asia's biggest ceramic fair, it offers a strategic showcase for technological innovation and a perfect platform to strengthen ties with Chinese partners and the increasing number of international customers. 
Visitors to the SACMI stand (C219) can look forward to seeing a host of new developments on the ceramic machine/process fronts. The solutions on show - which are revolutionizing the aesthetics of ceramic products and the ways they’re used - will include a further expansion of the PHC Red Edition® press range and the new SACMI Digital Printer, with distinctive solutions for even the most demanding customers.

New PHC 7200: the ‘Red Edition’ range keeps on growing

SACMI's PHC Red Edition® range introduces the new PHC 7200, designed to produce the most popular sizes at the market’s highest output rates. Optimized for items such as 75x150 cm and 80x80 cm slabs, this press ensures efficient power control and consistent, repeatable quality, boosting speed by 20%. Built at the SACMI Nanhai hub, the PHC 7200 merges high performance and low consumption with reliability, even at the highest output rates.

SACMI Digital Printer (SDP): the Deep Digital revolution

With 180 lines sold worldwide, 40 of which in China, SACMI's Continua+ is the world’s leading slab and sub-size manufacturing technology. Downstream from Continua+, the uniqueness of the products is augmented further by SACMI Deep Digital, which performs ‘digital’ application of inks and material.
Once again, this edition of Ceramics China will see SACMI present a ‘new arrival’: the SACMI Digital Printer (SDP), the first digital decorator to be made at the SACMI Nanhai hub. This wet decoration module - available in various models - applies carving inks, colors and effects, taking SACMI's Digital Humid Decoration (DHD) expertise to the next level.
Designed to provide solidity and allow fine adjustment, the SDP features systems that are optimized for the inks used in China. It’s complemented by the DDG, an exclusive SACMI solution for the coordinated deposit of materials that delivers unmatched aesthetics and relief effects.
All the machines on the Continua+ line are digitally integrated and coordinated. This gives two advantages. First, it’s possible to create never-before-seen products with coordinated on-surface and through-body decorations that perfectly mimic natural materials (perfect for high-added-value items such as countertops, kitchen accessories, furniture, etc.). Second, digitalization and process control pave the way for an automated, zero-waste factory (i.e. no wasted energy, raw materials or resources) built around the proven reliability and versatility of SACMI machines.

‘Maestro’ kiln: firing process quality and sustainability

The state-of-the-art SACMI Maestro kiln range offers optimized solutions for high-end products such as large ceramic slabs. Meticulous kiln control maximizes quality while reducing consumption.
Key challenges in this field include the development of technologies capable of using alternative fuels and renewable energy sources. Hence, in 2023, SACMI’s development of the world’s first ceramic kiln able to run on variable gas-hydrogen mixes and even 100% hydrogen. A decisive step towards climate neutrality in the ceramic industry, then, one taken in parallel with the development of new electric and hybrid solutions (not just kilns but spray dryers and dryers too)
Integrated with heat recovery systems, the latter are taking the industry towards a zero-emissions future, drastically improving the factory energy balance, saving resources and safeguarding the environment.

Sanitaryware & Tableware: Automation and Sustainability

Automation, sustainability and higher quality (also as a result of fewer manual processes) form the bedrock of the SACMI sanitaryware and tableware range. Market-leading solutions such as high-pressure casting, robotic glazing, isostatic pressing and high-performance kilns (plus cutting-edge applications such as LaserMove, which fully automates handling) make SACMI a crucial partner to some of China’s biggest players in the global ceramic industry.

Digital assistance services

Customer services are a SACMI hallmark worldwide. In China, those have been provided by the Foshan Nanhai production and assistance hub for more than 30 years. Alongside on-site assistance - provided through always-available local technical teams and a fast original spare parts service - SACMI provides new high-added-value digital Smart Service maintenance plans: these can be accessed via the SACMI S.P.A.C.E. portal or a dedicated App, ensuring customers always get the best from their machines and lasting protection for their investment.

Visit the SACMI stand at Ceramics China 2024 (C219), Canton Fair Complex, Guangzhou, China.

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