i-Slit - Your standard, our solution

i-Slit - Your standard, our solution

#5 New range of slitting accessories available, customized and diversified according to needs. The result: every proposed configuration ensures maximum accuracy and repeatability over time, guaranteed quality and performance, plus optimized maintenance intervals. This solution will be integrated on the cap line on show at Drinktec 2022 (Messe München, Messegelände, 12-16 September 2022). 


On an increasingly demanding market that seeks to combine the highest product quality with the best possible process versatility and efficiency, post-processing cap customization offers a welcome solution. 

With its new i-Slit range, SACMI provides a vital accessory that can have a positive impact on the entire value chain in terms of process repeatability, maximum slitting accuracy, micrometric slitting precision and optimization of maintenance

Visitors to the Drinktec fair in Munich (Messe München, Messegelände, 12-16 September 2022) will have a great opportunity to learn more about this accessory, integrated on the 4.0 cap line. 


Quality. The world’s leading provider of compression technology, SACMI has developed cap tamper-evident band slitting and folding solutions that maximize the performance of parts subject to wear. These include the slitting tools and, more specifically, the blade, which plays a key role in ensuring cap quality and, ultimately, a satisfactory customer consumption experience. 

Consistency. Thanks to the better-quality cut, manufacturers can rely on consistent performance and enjoy greater scope for cap customization. Repeatability, plus constant and measurable increases in performance and efficiency, are the hallmarks of the solution. Thanks to exact, micrometric-precise band slitting, i-Slit lets manufacturers accurately monitor all the technical and functional characteristics of the tamper-evident band. 

Flexibility – To meet all your cap manufacturing needs, i-Slit consists of three distinct product lines (Standard, Plus and Top). Special steel tempering and machining processes ensure that all the proposed configurations provide outstanding blade durability and perfect process repeatability over time. Diversified and customized even in terms of its packaging, the i-Slit range helps customers develop top quality cap lines that always meet the strictest market standards. 

We guide your choice. SACMI provides customers with close support to help them select the blade type that best matches their specific production variables. These range from characteristics concerning cap functionality and the weight-geometry of the neck-cap system to the type of material and dye: all variables that affect the durability of the cutting accessory. 

Thanks to decades of experience in developing caps alongside the main international converters and brand owners, SACMI can provide specialized case-by-case advice on the best, most suitable solution. A combination of supply-side flexibility, guaranteed delivery times and outstanding performance also make i-Slit the perfect choice both for SACMI customers who already use compression technology, and cap manufacturers who use other molding techniques. 

Plant integration perspective. SACMI provides i-Slit in synergy with its range of SFM slitting and folding machines. Both established SACMI customers, who already have a slitting solution, and companies that use alternative molding technologies can test the potential of i-Slit on their own lines. 

From a plant engineering perspective, integration with the SACMI PFM is also possible. This machine is designed to perform in-line sampling and testing of bridge performance at set intervals, ensuring rapid detection of any production drifts, including those caused by damage or wear on the accessory. For the most demanding customers, the PFM can also be equipped with the CVS-cut vision system, which performs complete visual inspection of the entire outer surface of the cap. 

Optimize your maintenance. A further advantage of i-Slit is that manufacturers can take a more advanced approach to maintenance-replacement of the cutting accessory. Blade performance is, in fact, guaranteed throughout its stated working lifespan. This means that certain ‘precautions’ (i.e. early blade replacement) are no longer needed to prevent production drifts. The result? Lower control costs and optimized maintenance intervals. 

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