SACMI RobotClean; automatic white finishing makes first appearance at Hidra Ceramica

SACMI RobotClean; automatic white finishing makes first appearance at Hidra Ceramica

The cell recently on show at the Tecna trade fair with which SACMI has developed automation of the white finishing stage of sanitaryware production. The solution supplied is equipped with the new SACMI-Gaiotto Offline NG software for optimization of all resources used in the process.  

RobotClean, SACMI-Gaiotto’s latest automation solution for finishing sanitaryware pieces at the white stage, is to make its first appearance at Hidra Ceramica, leading manufacturer of high-quality design sanitaryware for over 30 years based in the heart of the Civita Castellana district.
One of the most important of the latest “Made in SACMI” innovations, designed to complete automation of the finishing stage of the sanitaryware production process too, the cell supplied to Hidra was exhibited at the recent Tecna international trade fair where it garnered much interest from specialist operators from around the world.
Equipped with specific abrasive tools for each part of the sanitaryware item – outside, inside, edges, rim – RobotClean guarantees the best finishing repeatability and quality whilst also reducing the manual operations required. In particular, the solution supplied to Hidra is equipped with the new SACMI-Gaiotto Offline NG software which makes it possible to perform off-line programming of the robot tasks and simulate the effects on the real item quickly and intuitively whilst optimizing the resources used in the process.
Extremely versatile, the robot can handle automatic finishing of every type of article, due to the specific tools it is provided with, the advanced control software and a load capacity of up to 50 kg.  This allows even the heaviest and most complex items to be handled safely.
Thanks to the powerful 13.000 m³/hour suction system, which works in synergy with the wet filtering unit, the area in which the robot operates is always kept clean, as is the air surrounding the cell, resulting in benefits in terms of sustainability and process circularity.    
The reduction in the manual operations required also results in improved quality: after inspection and loading onto a bar conveyor, the operator no longer enters into contact with the piece, which is sent directly to the glazing department after automatic finishing is completed.  
Already a Gaiotto partner for robotized glazing lines, Hidra has, with this latest investment, recognized the advantages of SACMI automation applied to all phases of the production process. In particular,  together with the new automatic finishing cell, SACMI has also set up a personalized handling system for the customer which includes a double fork angular transfer device to reduce the time required to serve the robot thus limiting downtime.   

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