Revestir 2023, SACMI strengthens partnerships on the foundations of growing quality

Revestir 2023, SACMI strengthens partnerships on the foundations of growing quality

Deep Digital decoration technology is driving orders and boosting customer satisfaction. In parallel, Continua+ continues to play an ever-more central role in plant solutions that cover everything from body preparation to firing. Service has also received an upgrade in the form of the new SACMI do Brasil technical assistance and spare parts center in Rio Claro (Santa Gertrudes)

In Brazil, SACMI products and services continue to deliver ever-better excellence as the country gears up for the 2023 edition of the Revestir international fair at the new São Paulo Expo facility (Sao Paulo, Brazil, 14-17 March). Technical and glazed porcelain, large slabs and digitally decorated sub-sizes are increasingly popular on the Brazilian market, a trend that SACMI has responded to with further significant growth of the installed machine pool.
With its new Deep Digital Line decoration machines - six of which were ordered in Brazil in 2022 alone - SACMI provides a revolutionary solution that lets manufacturers create products of unmatched aesthetic and material content. These products can be seen first-hand on the SACMI stand (n. C120) where several slabs will be displayed. 
SACMI’s global hallmark is its plant engineering approach, with close customer support from initial design to after-sales services. That approach is particularly valuable in Brazil, where a new SACMI do Brasil spare parts and technical assistance center was inaugurated in July 2022 at Rio Claro, in the Santa Gertrudes ceramic district. Its help desk and fast-response team make it a crucial hub for press and kiln revamping services. It also boasts an extensive stock of original parts, mill linings, press oil and much more. Note also that SACMI do Brasil has its own manufacturing facility, in Mogi Mirim, where FMA Maestro kilns are built for the local market, delivering Italian technology and quality.
The popularity of ever-larger lines (Brazil recently saw the sale of the world’s largest, most powerful modular mill, a SACMI MMC 300) reflects a trend that has seen the Brazilian market embrace ever-larger, higher quality products in recent years. As in other countries, more and more Brazilian producers are moving away from dry grinding towards spray-dried bodies made via wet grinding.
That trend goes hand in hand with an ever-sharper focus on sustainability: SACMI Continua+ technology allows for the production of slabs and sub-sizes with the lowest specific consumption on the market (just 0.05 kWh/m2 during the compaction phase). What’s more, new kiln efficiency enhancement and heat recovery systems developed by SACMI drastically improve thermal process control and, therefore, the factory’s energy balance.
The outstanding versatility of Continua+ is a perfect match for the growing market popularity of thin products. With 7 lines already sold in Brazil, Continua+ technology is ideal for making products with homogeneous characteristics (in terms of density, color etc., with the best de-airing on the market). That means higher quality and firing efficiency, largely thanks to the installation of SACMI Maestro wide-mouth kilns (with the latest orders including kilns 300 meters or more long with intakes as wide as 3650 mm).
Natively digital, all these solutions can be merged into HERE, a SACMI-developed plant supervisor, specifically designed to meet the needs of the ceramic industry. Once again, the goal is to respond to the needs of Brazilian customers, who increasingly seek to maximize the efficiency of every single production factor and minimize troubleshooting times so they can compete with the main exporters to both the Americas and Europe.
Sanitaryware technologies are also set to play a major role at the 21st edition of Revestir. Again, the SACMI range focuses on automation and digitalization, further reducing the need for manual tasks, optimizing energy and raw material consumption and providing robotic solutions that deliver repeatable quality and total process tracking.
Key innovations in the field - developed by SACMI on the basis of over 35 years’ experience in Sanitaryware automation - include RobotClean: this cutting-edge solution for automating all sanitaryware white finishing tasks features dedicated tools and advanced control software. Today, off-line control and programming of finishing, glazing and handling robots is a key part of the SACMI ecosystem. The company has now developed Smart Offline NG, a multi-platform, cross-application solution that further optimizes man-machine resources, reduces downtimes and accelerates the development of new applications and robot missions.
Last but not least come several solutions that enhance factory sustainability: these were the subject of the recent ‘We ARE Green’ campaign, which highlighted the almost total recovery of glaze overspray, water and scraps, (reusable as raw materials in the key stages of the process). Such solutions also include new high-efficiency kilns that are ready to run on ‘green’ fuels. All these developments feature in the SACMI Sanitaryware BU’s revised edition of Ceramic Sanitaryware Technology, previewed in September and now provided as part of training services for customer-partners worldwide.
The world-leading provider of tableware solutions via its SACMI Imola, SAMA, Gaiotto and Riedhammer network, SACMI has developed an all-round range for this sector that offers exclusive technology, quality and versatility. The Brazilian market is particularly receptive: SACMI recently built the first complete, highly automated plants which feature isostatic pressing and pressure casting solutions, fully automated finishing and handling operations, and high-efficiency kilns. For SACMI, Revestir is the perfect launchpad from which to drive forward the technological/manufacturing switch now underway on the Brazilian market, with major new projects already underway for 2023.
Visit the SACMI stand at Revestir 2023 (n. C120, São Paulo Expo trade fair), 14-17 March, São Paulo, Brazil.

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