SacmiCassioli Intralogistics, a global solution for the automation of ceramic plant logistics

SacmiCassioli Intralogistics, a global solution for the automation of ceramic plant logistics

Dedicated to intralogistics, this newco combines SACMI's industry-specific experience with Cassioli's expertise in industrial handling and automation. Based in Imola, the newco will serve the Ceramic and Renewable Energy sectors

Intralogistics lies at the heart of factory processes and is crucial to achieving efficiently managed production flows. In response to this need, SacmiCassioli Intralogistics - a joint venture between SACMI and Cassioli – will be a global supplier of plant logistics automation solutions.
The newco will have its headquarters in Imola. It will design and deliver comprehensive solutions for the in-factory government, control and optimization of material and data flows.
SacmiCassioliIntralogistics - born out of the expertise and experience of two Italian industrial groups, both leaders in their respective fields - has a decidedly global outlook, its unique union of production and intralogistics skills within a single digitalized process delivering considerable added value.
The range integrates software management (WMS, Warehouse Management System, and WCS, Warehouse Control System) with the control of mechanical assets - stacker cranes, conveyors, picking islands, automatic palletizers, LGVs - and production data supervision. Solutions are designed to target SACMI's different strategic business areas, from Tiles to Sanitaryware and the Advanced Materials used in Automotive Electrification and Renewable Energy.
“SACMI is deploying its in-depth knowledge of production processes in the industries in which it is leader”, highlights the President of SACMI, Paolo Mongardi. With Cassioli, a handling specialist and already a key player in the Tire, Airport and other sectors, “we can now integrate what is a vital stage from the perspective of a complete plant supplier, giving customers further added value in terms of production flow efficiency and effectiveness”.
“Partnering with a major company like SACMI in this new venture is an honor and a privilege, and a huge challenge for our entire Group”, states Carlo Cassioli, CEO of Cassioli srl. “We’re confident that our intralogistics know-how and the now-consolidated experience gained via our Ceramics Intralogistic Division will mesh seamlessly with SACMI's own expertise”.
The newco will have a bespoke technical-commercial framework - from sales to engineering, from supply chain management to production - and can count on the know-how and experience of both partners.

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