SACMI Packaging&Chocolate to play key role at Fachpack 2021

Building on a strengthened presence in German-speaking countries, at Nuremburg the company will present new packaging and wrapping machinery models designed to intercept the latest market needs: high performance, versatility and environmental friendliness

Fast, high performance, versatile and, above all, environment-friendly: these are the hallmarks of the latest packaging and wrapping solutions that SACMI Packaging & Chocolate will be showcasing at Fachpack 2021, the international packaging fair being held in Nuremberg from 28 to 30 September.

A top-tier partner in the heart of Germany’s ‘packaging valley’: this is SACMI Packaging & Chocolate, a firm that in 2020 completed an ambitious strengthening of its Neuhausen am Rheinfall branch. Now managed by Mr. Herbert Hahnenkamp, this branch acts as a hub for the entire DACH area (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). The result? The ability to provide customers with even closer support by developing reliable synergies and new market-focused partnerships.

More specifically, the 2021 edition of Fachpack will see the company present JT ADVANCE, the top-of-the-range model in SACMI Packaging & Chocolate's new horizontal flowpack machine series, produced and marketed under the OPM brand. Extensive configurability - a key feature right across the range - makes JT ADVANCE a perfectly designed solution for products like chocolate and cereal bars, snacks and pralines, items that require high output rates (up to 150 meters of film per minute).

Low running costs, minimum operator involvement and simplified maintenance with easy access to the machine (all operator tasks can be carried out from the front) have been combined with shorter changeover times, the latter being made possible by tool-free adjustments with quick release/lock systems, reference points that speed up the changeover process and a fast belt tensioning system.

Reel replacement tasks can also be carried out during production, without reducing machine speed.

Hygienic design is a key market requirement, hence its prioritization at the design stage. This led to specific measures such as minimization of crumb deposit points and guards equipped with supports to allow easy residue removal.

Alongside its latest-generation flow wrapping machines, SACMI Packaging & Chocolate offers a full range of traditional wrapping machines under the Carle & Montanari brand. Taking center-stage at Nuremberg will be the H-1K. This new double-twist wrapping machine was born out of the previous generation of Carle & Montanari standard Y871 wrapping machines, well known on the market for their high speed, solidity and reliability.

Fully redesigned, this new wrapping machine offers higher performance than previous solutions thanks to servomotor-controlled feed and a new efficiency-enhancing disc handling profile. With its ‘adjustable pitch’ feature, the wrapping machine goes beyond traditional mechanical cam-based principles, offering optimal versatility for the wrapping of vastly different products.

For customers, that means being able to calibrate the investment over time by purchasing the machine to wrap a specific product (e.g. a rectangular jelly) and then, at a later date, converting it to a totally different product in terms of size and characteristics (e.g. small, spherical solid candies).

As with the JT Advance, hygienic design and usability are pivotal, with users benefiting from easy cleaning access and a new user-friendly HMI touchscreen developed according to 4.0 standards.

Putting sustainability first is another priority for SACMI Packaging & Chocolate. Thanks to effective daily teamwork with the main film producers, the company has succeeded in building new features into its range. Such features are needed to manage new eco-sustainable films on both the lightweighting (reduction of raw material quantities, performance remaining equal) and new ‘paper-based’ material compatibility fronts. Profitable sustainability – that is, the optimization of costs and raw material usage without compromising on the packaging’s aesthetic appeal - is now a key part of the company's machine range alongside the lower energy consumption that stems from the use of high efficiency servomotors.

See all the latest at the SACMI Packaging & Chocolate stand (HALL 1, stand 222). We look forward to seeing you!

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