Apulum Romania chooses SACMI Nebula

Apulum Romania chooses SACMI Nebula

Spray-glazing with airless booths: the best alternative to dip-glazing for the production of single-fired tableware offering all the advantages of a tried-and-tested SACMI solution much in demand for its reliability, versatility and user-friendly features.

An excellent, simple and efficient alternative to dip-glazing. Especially suitable for the production of single-fired tableware.  This is the SACMI solution recently supplied to its long-standing Romanian customer Apulum; the first solution for spray-glazing (in airless booths) dishes of various sizes and depths. 

Well-known and successful as a system for glazing tiles, the main benefits of SACMI’s Nebula solution are that it is user-friendly and it is equipped with special features such as adjustable nozzles (4 for each booth) making it possible to precisely regulate the spray of the glaze according to the specific type of piece to be glazed. 

The principal advantage of this process, when applied to the manufacture of single-fired tableware, is the optimum application of the glaze on the unfired piece – which does not have the porosity typical of a biscuit fired piece – thus achieving the best possible uniformity of application, excellent quality and process repeatability. 

In particular, the line supplied to Apulum is characterized by a first airless glazing booth, inside which the top face of the dish is glazed. Subsequently the dish is turned over and transferred by conveyor belts to a second glazing booth where the underside of the dish is glazed. SACMI has also supplied the system for cleaning the foot of the piece. Finally, the piece undergoes quality control and is then sent for firing.

This technology has been designed to ensure sustainability and includes special glaze vapour collection systems for the recycling of the overspray thus avoiding both wastage and contamination of the work environment. 

Already up and running to the full satisfaction of the customer, this solution is the latest addition to the large number of SACMI machines already installed at the Romanian factory which produces 50 million pieces per year in a production plant covering 60 thousand sq.m.  Continuous investment in automation and process digitalization has guaranteed Apulum its place as lead manufacturer on the European tableware market. 

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