HTB: SACMI Packaging & Chocolate presents a new electronic wrapping machine for chocolate bars and tablets, the fastest on the market

HTB: SACMI Packaging & Chocolate presents a new electronic wrapping machine for chocolate bars and tablets, the fastest on the market

Development of a new generation of wrapping machines that make extensive use of electronics continues, ensuring maximum productivity and versatility in terms of both products and the latest eco-sustainable wrapping materials. The result: excellent, repeatable quality at the highest output rates on the market

SACMI Packaging & Chocolate continues its drive to develop a new generation of wrapping machines with the HTB, the latest solution by the Carle & Montanari brand which has 115 years’ experience in the preparation, processing and packaging of chocolate and other confectionery products. Officially presented on 17 October 2022, the HTB is designed to wrap chocolate bars and tablets.

Thanks to the use of cutting-edge electronics - as opposed to a purely mechanical design concept - this machine is revolutionizing wrapping technology. With the HTB, time, pressure and temperature in the sealing area form part of a continuous, adaptive flow that matches the specific wrapping material and the characteristics of the product to be packaged.
Meticulous machine design combines ultra-high quality wrapping and the highest speeds on the market (up to 250 packs per minute) with unmatched adaptability to new eco-sustainable materials. This stems from a new approach to machine design that looks beyond traditional mechanical sequences, allowing even the most delicate products to be transferred ‘in step’ at high speeds.

The HTB meets every packaging requirement: manufacturers can make double-wrapped bars with an inner wrap sealed on 3 sides and an outer wrap either in pre-cut cardboard or in envelope style using pre-cut paper or reels.

The machine has a small footprint, an on-board electrical panel and is available in both a traditional configuration or as a left + right ‘mirror’ version to maximize adaptability to existing lines.
Ergonomic design streamlines the operator’s tasks (e.g. in the reel holder and blank magazine zones). Moreover, large transparent guards ensure outstanding safety and make maintenance easy.
Further simplification takes the form of a special cantilevered framework; this limits any build-up of materials or residues and makes worker access easy for cleaning or maintenance purposes.

Note also that electronic control makes adjustments to movement more efficient; the short drive chain lowers maintenance requirements even further as it reduces the number of mechanical parts subject to wear and strengthens the operation of each unit.
The HTB reaches - and exceeds - the highest speeds currently available on the market; it does so by combining high productivity with fast changeovers and user-friendly set-up and control. The result is a highly versatile solution that always delivers excellent, repeatable wrapping quality.

Easy to clean and maintain, the HTB features an easy-to-disassemble belt system and special guide units to unlock areas to be inspected. The machine also has a modern self-diagnostics kit that makes maintenance predictive: in the event of any process drifts the wrapping machine can warn the operator and establish a remote connection with assistance. Advanced sensors allow real-time monitoring of consumption, working times and efficiency indicators so that manufacturers can always count on optimal production.

The HTB takes its cue from a new approach to wrapping and flowpack machine design: an approach that lets SACMI Packaging & Chocolate respond to the sustainability challenge by working alongside leading producers of environment-friendly wrapping materials on a daily basis. In short: the design and operating characteristics of this new wrapping machine pave the way for the use of unconventional materials and more sustainable packaging.

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