SACMI RobotCasting; extending the partnership with Duravit China

SACMI RobotCasting; extending the partnership with Duravit China

Following the first supplies for the manufacture of washbasins and water tanks, the multi-national sanitaryware company now extends the SACMI technology installed at its plant to pressure casting for the production of complex WCs. 2 AVI casting cells, with resin moulds and new modelling developments recently supplied. 

SACMI pressure casting technology is taking a leading role in the ultra-modern production plant at  Chongqing thanks to Duravit China, which has recently purchased and successfully started up 2 new AVI Casting cells,  together with 4 resin moulds and 2 new modelling developments.  

The new supply cements the partnership with the Chinese branch of the multi-national leader in quality and design sanitaryware.  Sacmi’s projects with Duravit China started a few years ago with the supply of solutions for automatic glazing and handling and continued with the installation of the first solutions for the pressure casting of water tanks.  

Most recently Duravit has invested in AVI, SACMI’s single-mould casting machine and leading technology on the international market for the production of complex WCs and bidets, featuring maximum production flexibility and fast mould change-over. Both cells are served by a robot, which automatically handles mould movements, rim stick-on operations, demoulding and deposit in a SACMI pre-dryer; the benchmark solution designed to reduce and optimize piece ageing times thus facilitating subsequent handling operations. 

This supply confirms SACMI’s role as partner for product development, thanks to its leadership in the production of porous resin moulds and its ability to carry out complete modelling developments with advanced functionality tests to guarantee the best result during manufacture and optimum quality and functionality of the finished product.  

In addition to consolidating the long-standing relationship between the two companies, this project has also strengthened the role, within the Duravit Group, of the Chinese production base, for several years now one of the most modern and highly-automated plants in the country. The factory is equipped with SACMI machines and systems for all the production departments, from body preparation to the kilns, from the glazing lines to the LGV and including, with a wider and more central role, the SACMI RobotCasting solutions.

Duravit China’s objectives do not end here however. A new project is already in progress to double production output with a further 4 AVI machines already being shipped and more investments are planned for 2022.

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