SACMI returns to ASEAN Ceramics 2023 in grand style

SACMI returns to ASEAN Ceramics 2023 in grand style

SACMI takes a leading role at the international fair in Hanoi, from 28th to 30th November (I.C.E. International Centre for Exhibition). The event is being held in one of the most dynamic areas of South-east Asia in terms of quantity and quality of investments made, with the focus on products, new designs and the environment.  

SACMI is warming up for ASEAN Ceramics, the flagship trade exhibition in Vietnam for Tiles technologies being held in its capital Hanoi from 28th to 30th November 2023 (at the I.C.E. International Centre for Exhibition). Vietnam is the leading economy in South-east Asia in terms of output capacity and SACMI plays a key role here thanks to numerous projects already carried out, or currently in progress, at the factories of the top players in the industry. Recent projects include five new Continua+ lines for the manufacture of slabs and sub-size tiles.

More than 20 years of activity for SACMI Vietnam

SACMI returns to ASEAN Ceramics in grand style. Operating in the country for over 20 years through SACMI Vietnam - point of reference for all customer service requirements before, during and after sales - SACMI has responded to the most recent local market trends directed towards, not just strong investment in new machines and plants but, above all, projects based on quality and European technology, focusing on new tile sizes, superior quality of the product on offer and energy efficiency.

SACMI ceramics plant at the “Italian Pavilion”

SACMI will be present with a large exhibition space of 90 sqm inside the “Italian Pavilion” (stand H1), where the visitor will gain an insight into all the latest-generation ceramics plant technologies, from forming (with Continua+ and conventional presses) to firing (with the state-of-the-art Maestro kilns) up to the Deep Digital decorating systems as well as the finishing (SACMI-BMR), handling and sorting solutions.

Sanitaryware and Tableware: automation making a difference

With several solutions recently installed, the robotized glazing systems offered by SACMI-Gaiotto have gained much success with the top sanitaryware manufacturers in Vietnam. The solutions are popular because they offer quality, process repeatability and optimization of glaze consumption (thanks to recovery systems), as well as simplifying the running of the plant. They are also chosen for their reliability and fast return on investment. Various different projects have been concluded also in the Tableware sector including, in particular, the pressure casting machines with resin moulds and robotized demoulding supplied by SACMI-SAMA, to be followed up soon with the arrival of high production isostatic presses.

All-round partner for transition to green approach 

Always near at hand, thanks to local branch offices and international shipment services from Asia and Europe (through SACMI-Italiansped), SACMI is in an ideal position to act as partner to local manufacturers investing in product development for export. The approach is also forward-looking, which owes much to the SACMI solutions specially designed to facilitate the transition to new forms of energy, such as the innovative kilns already equipped to operate with mixes of methane and green hydrogen.  

A local team for a growing economy

Important hub in the Asian-Pacific region, Vietnam is among the most dynamic economies in the area and investments there have continued to show positive indications during 2023, while elsewhere other countries have been affected by the spiral of rising inflation and energy costs. This means that Vietnam is in an excellent position to look to the future, with SACMI partner thanks to a team of local technicians specially trained to assist the customer during every stage and provide prompt on-site assistance to ensure top performance from the SACMI machines and plants at all times. 

Visit the SACMI stand at ASEAN Ceramics (Hanoi, 28-30 November 2023, International Centre for Exhibition), stand H1 c/o Italian Pavilion 

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