SACMI has enhanced the preform injection machine range with the cutting-edge IPS 300

SACMI has enhanced the preform injection machine range with the cutting-edge IPS 300

This latest solution combines all the acknowledged advantages of the SACMI IPS range and focuses on performance, automation and process controls.

SACMI is launching the IPS 300, the latest addition to the IPS (Injection Preform System) platform, the SACMI machine family for PET preforms that offers outstanding flexibility, user-friendliness, reliability and performance.
The goal? To combine the recognized plus points of the existing models of the range (IPS 220 and IPS 400) with major advances in automation and process control, allowing SACMI to strengthen its market position among both bottlers and converters, who are already valued SACMI partners through their use of cap lines.

Ambitious and farsighted, the IPS project has seen both an expansion of the range (the IPS 220 with up to 72 cavities, the IPS 400 with up to 128 cavities) and developments in terms of the technological equipment, designed to innovate the process by streamlining the customer's investment.
As on the IPS 400, the new IPS 300 features outstanding compatibility with various mold types, including those produced by third parties.

High performance is the hallmark of the IPS 300, a machine designed to work with 24-cavity molds for 48 mm necks and up to 96 cavities for 30 mm necks. Furthermore, by making use of the ‘Nano-pitch’ patent of partner company MHT, the IPS300 can mount up to 128 cavities for 26/22 mm necks, a truly unique solution within the current panorama of available technologies.
From a productivity perspective, extremely fast lock-to-lock (2 seconds) and cycle times make this machine one of the highest-performing on the market. The innovative after-cooler with COOL+® (inside cooling system) improves the thermal efficiency of the cooler. This significantly reduces cycle times, especially on thick-walled preforms.

Flexibility & sustainability
Flexible and modular, the IPS can mount the type of plasticizing unit that best suits the type of preform to be produced, ensuring the lowest specific energy consumption. KERS (kinetic energy recovery system) and adaptive self-tuning, both of which have been featured on the SACMI IPS right from the start, allow the IPS 300 to achieve a specific consumption of 0.2 kW/kg.
In recent years, the topic of ‘recyclable PET’ has become increasingly important By equipping it with appropriate auxiliary systems, the machine can use up to 100% rPET in grains and up to 50% PET in flake form.

Automation & AI
On the IPS 300 automation is designed to provide an immediate, tangible economic advantage for the customer. The latest IPS generation features automation based on Beckhoff TwinCAT© architecture with EtherCAT© fieldbus. This ‘infrastructure’ can take process control to previously unthinkable levels, opening up the industry - thanks to the huge data processing and carrying capacity - to IoT opportunities (self-learning, predictive checks, etc.).
The adopted post-cooling solution also allows utilization of an option that’s fundamental for process control: the PVS156 from the SACMI PVS (Preform Vision System) range, which is integrated on the press. This solution allows constant monitoring of production quality without interfering with the machine work cycle.
Process corrections - effected in real time thanks to the data gathered by the system - allow manufacturers to convert quality control into a competitive advantage by reducing non-conformities and increasing both the coverage and accuracy of routine checks.

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