Whatever your product, SACMI has just the right vision system

Whatever your product, SACMI has just the right vision system

SACMI designs and builds the world's most complete range of metal product vision systems, now even more advanced to meet the industry’s growing need for modularity, flexibility, user-friendliness and easy integration on existing lines. Visitors to Metpack will have a great opportunity to see several ‘families’ of solutions, all designed for specific product lines.

SACMI offers a broad range of vision systems for metal, all designed around the customer’s needs. Whatever your product, SACMI has just the right solution for you.
At the international Metpack fair, visitors will be able to get a close look at the main ‘families’ of solutions, each designed for a specific product line.
Recent developments include new controls and an approach to system design that increases versatility and usability, reflecting the ever-wider use of inspection systems on production lines.

A specific solution for each product line

Metpack visitors will have a unique opportunity to see a range of inspection units, each dedicated to a specific product line.
  • Lugged cap line: DecoCap360 and LuggedCap360. In the lugged cap configuration the system can run functional checks on the inner panel (curl, lugs, liner and central panel checks). The DecoCap system inspects the external decoration (presence/absence of decoration, color plane registration, color variations, contamination, black specks, scratches, stains). Additionally, the systems allow inspection of the internal and external side walls. A redesign of the electrical panel now sees it replaced by two smaller, lighter, independent modules.
  • Food cans: MetalSight, CanCheck360. Flange, side wall and bottom inspection. The Metalsight system has the advantage of motorized height adjustment of the image acquisition unit, ensuring compatibility with the container to be inspected. Adjustment drive is controlled by the inspection recipe. In the event of line conversion to a different format – or the introduction of an additional inspection station – the modular image capture architecture ensures greater flexibility, without any need for modifications. To inspect external decoration and run checks on the seam attaching the bottom to the walls, SACMI provides CanCheck360 which features a revised control panel architecture: the single, bulky, heavy panel has now been replaced by two small, independent, light modules.
    • MetalSight: flange, side wall, weld line and bottom checks
    • CanCheck360: seam check (configuration A), or lithography or label check (configuration B).
  • Lid lines: MetalSight. Curl, compound, shoulder and panel. On lid lines, MetalSight offers the key advantage of motor-driven adjustment of illuminator height, with recipe-based movement control. All-in-one architecture means there is no longer an external electrical panel.
  • Beverage can lines: ELIOSCAN and iCanBeverage. Moving on to beverage cans, SACMI ELIOSCAN continues to be the leading external decoration inspection system, while iCanBeverage remains the optimal solution for inspecting the inside and critical neck section of the can. Again, the bulky electrical panel has been replaced by two small, independent, lightweight modules.
    • ELIOSCAN: decoration inspection (presence of color planes, color plane registration, color variations, blanket cuts, black specks, color stains, water drops)
    • iCan: internal checks (flange, bottom, side wall, neck).

Note that all solutions are available with the new Classy AI system: this uses AI algorithms to promptly classify any defects and provide the operator with the relative information via a user-friendly dashboard.

Visit us at Metpack 2023 (May 2.6, Messe Essen), hall 1, stand 1C28

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