Plastprint Pack & Agrofood Ghana 2023

Plastprint Pack & Agrofood Ghana 2023

Local players have been investing heavily in SACMI technology for some years and with the transition towards 26/22 mm closures customers can look forward to further opportunities. From 21st to 23rd November, the fair in Accra will give visitors a great chance to learn more about SACMI technology and the SACMI team

Accra, capital city of Ghana. The venue for a key event where SACMI will showcase the intrinsic advantages of its technology: advantages that have, over the last five years, led local players to invest massively in SACMI technology, from compression presses (CCM) to integration with preform injection machines (IPS).

Why you need to be there

From 21st to 23rd November 2023, the AICC Grand Arena in Accra will be hosting the Plastprint Pack & Agrofood Ghana fair. Given this market’s strong dynamism and the further prospects now opening up for local players, SACMI has decided to attend, for the first time, with its own stand.
Ghanaian producers have already demonstrated their confidence in SACMI products with the installation of some ten CCM/IPS solutions and are now showing keen interest in the opportunities offered by the transition towards new lightweight necks and caps, in the 26/22 mm standard.

The 26/22 mm ‘neck transition’: trends and opportunities

The trend towards new standards that streamline the adoption of lightweight cap-neck packages is Africa-wide. Hence SACMI’s recent heavy investment in personnel and facilities and its heightened participation in key trade fairs, such as Agrofood Ghana.
On the 26/22 mm front, SACMI has the widest range of dedicated caps on the market, both in tethered and non-tethered versions: it also provides outstanding technology (CCM, continuous compression molding) with which to produce them, with unrivalled productivity and quality.
Raw material savings mean both environmental and, above all, economic sustainability: for example, in the latest family of CSD caps already approved by major international brand owners, weights have dropped from about 2.15 grams to just 1.8 grams, without any change in performance. The outcome: a fast return on investment, with solutions tested and certified by our Rigid Packaging Laboratory.

Hyperproductivity, total quality control. New IPS 300

SACMI recently developed the IPS 300, the latest addition to the IPS family of preform injection presses that has taken the company to the top of this segment too.
One of the things that makes the IPS 300 so unique is that it can incorporate the PVS156 system - for the intensive quality control of preforms - directly on the press. The result: better, proactive process control (zero incorrect batches, fast identification of any drifts and their causes).
But there’s more to it than that. Thanks to an exclusive partnership with MHT (NanoPitch® patent), these SACMI presses can be provided with a new family of high-cavitation molds capable of boosting output (e.g. on the IPS300) from 96 to 128 cavities: with lightweight preforms for 26/22mm necks, this puts performance on a par with higher-tonnage presses.

Ever-closer customer service

For over 10 years SACMI has invested across Africa to combine technological excellence with fast, far-reaching assistance. Last but not least, the opening of the nearby SACMI Nigeria branch in Lagos provides a team of local technicians, trained to provide close customer support at every stage of the project and for each individual technology.

Visit us in Accra, we look forward to seeing you! (stand n.B12)

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