Plastivision India 2023, sustainability and customisation with SACMI

Plastivision India 2023, sustainability and customisation with SACMI

An advanced proposal to meet every need in the field of sustainable rigid packaging. Zeroing the footprint at the trade fair with the CCM48 equipped with a regrinder. A wide range of products, from the new 26/22 mm lightweight caps to the GME 30.40 and GME 30.41 neck preforms, also available for special applications

Mumbai, 7-11 December 2023. Plastivision India - International Plastics Exhibition. With thirty years of history and 11 successful editions, the event is an important showcase for SACMI to present a unique proposition to the market with an emphasis on its ability to support customers with proposals focused on profitable sustainability.

The first 'zero impact' trade fair

In terms of cap lines, SACMI is the technological leader in India with its compression technology. The press on display at the exhibition (CCM48) will be fitted with a regrinding machine, which will zero the environmental impact of the demos that will be carried out for visitors (the caps will be re-ground and fed back into the production flow).

The products 

Thanks to the expertise of its Rigid Packaging Laboratory, SACMI is able to offer comprehensive advice on cap and neck development. It already has solutions on the market and certified by the world’s leading brand owners, and the ability to develop customised solutions, also in terms of design.
Closures. The new outstanding 26/22 mm proposals, for which SACMI is developing the market's widest range, are also on show at Plastivision 2023. For example, SACMI's new multi-purpose caps AB26CSDT-5 (GME 30.40) and AB26CSD12 (GME30.41), the lightest on the market (-35% plastic compared to the traditional PCO1881 finish) combined with the very high performance required for high carbonation.
The range for still water has also been improved, with the new ultra-light (1 gram) and premium-look AB26W15, offering an additional 10% savings compared to the already consolidated AB26W-4 11 and AB26W8 (well over 1 gram savings can be achieved, between neck+cap, compared to a traditional 'Alaska' neck). 
Preforms. SACMI completes its offer for the preform segment with the IPS. Once again, it is the integrated neck-cap system approach that makes the difference. On the GME 30.40 and 30.41 for example, together with the standard preform, SACMI offers the special 'light' solution for water (a saving of over 0.70 grams of PET per preform, from 2.71 to 1.96 grams). There is also the solution designed for hot-fill, weighing just 0.15-0.2 g more than the standard preform, but which offers significant savings compared to the conventional reinforced PCO1881.
Containers. In addition to solutions for caps and preforms, SACMI brings CBF technology to India. This is the versatile, high-performance alternative for the production of containers in all types of commonly used resins, PS, PE, PET - a SACMI-exclusive solution proposed for pharmaceutical and dairy applications.

The ready-to-market approach

All the solutions proposed at Plastivision India are already on the market and therefore immediately available for use in industry. The SACMI Lab is also in a position to develop ad hoc answers to all kinds of additional production requirements, both in terms of the type of product to be packaged and by providing advanced design advice for creating high-performance and distinctive products.

Computer vision systems

The entire SACMI Rigid Packaging technology range is supported by dedicated Computer Vision systems for each stage of production. These include the new PVS156, the first solution on the market to be integrated directly into the preform press. This allows intensive production control, with consequent advantages for the process (immediate detection of any process drifts, zero incorrect batches).

The service

With SACMI Engineering and a team of local technicians dedicated to all the individual technologies on offer and original spare parts always available, customers can count on excellent service before, during and after the sale. Just recently, the branch has been expanded with the integration of new staff and facilities specifically for providing support for the rigid packaging sector.

Visit our stand at Plastivision 2023! (booth no. HALL 1 / ROW NO. - D2 BOOTH NO. - 1)

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