SACMI LaserMove: HATRIA increases its LGV fleet

SACMI LaserMove: HATRIA increases its LGV fleet

The new supply was made alongside the wider casting and finishing expansion project to manage the resulting increase in production flows. The Teramo-based company continues to grow in the direction of 4.0 industry and automation for greater operator health & safety plus improved quality and efficiency of handling operations.

The first SACMI Laser Guided Vehicles (LGV) were started up more than a decade ago at Hatria; leading manufacturer of the “Made in Italy” sanitaryware and bathroom design sector with its headquarters in Teramo. The latest news is the recent supply by SACMI of a further LGV which brings to 5 the total number sold to the company.
One of the main advantages of the SACMI LaserMove solution is to develop and improve the efficiency of factory logistics for the automatic and coordinated control of internal production flows from casting to finishing, from glazing to firing.
Another benefit is to eliminate manual operations – thus protecting operators – and, in general to improve repeatability and efficiency of handling operations so as to maintain constant product quality throughout all work stages.  
In particular, the recent supply is part of a wider ambitious project that Hatria is carrying out with SACMI to double production of the casting line and achieve automation of the finishing operations, with a resulting increase in production flow. This is the reason behind the need to adapt the LaserMove fleet to handle the rise in handling operations and output.
Connected to the factory supervisor, the LGV are also suitable for the implementation of a total traceability logic to production to ensure constant performance monitoring and optimized management of orders and logistics.

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