SACMI gears up for Uniceramics Expo

SACMI gears up for Uniceramics Expo

An impressive 400 m2 stand will display the best SACMI has to offer in terms of technology and service, highlighting its closeness to the Chinese market, which has long been of strategic importance.

SACMI will soon be exhibiting at Uniceramics Expo 2023, the international fair to be held from 30 May to 2 June (Tanzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center Foshan). And it aims to do so in style, with an exhibition area of no less than 400 m2 (stand n. 1009, hall 10 - International Hall) that will let visitors get a close look at all of SACMI's ceramic-making technology and services.
SACMI machines will play a starring role, from shaping technologies - which set the industry benchmark for slab and sub-size manufacturing - to the all-round plant engineering that delivers ceramic products of unmatched quality, practicality and aesthetics.
Visitors can also learn about customer services, which span from all-new digital features on machines and plants to the technical assistance, spare parts services and direct production facilities provided by SACMI Nanhai, which has been serving the Chinese market for 30 years.


With over 170 plants sold worldwide, Continua+ also flies the SACMI flag across China, where the market’s leading players have installed some forty lines.
The Continua+ ‘family’ provides a perfect response whatever your production requirements. It delivers speed, versatile size/thickness management, low consumption and requires little space. Just recently, the range was bolstered by the launch of the ‘smartest’ PCR 2120 version, which combines outstanding speed and performance with an even smaller footprint (just 18.2 m on the two-feeder version).
Moreover, the entire range has everything that Chinese customers prize: excellent versatility and productivity, yet also the lowest consumption in the category (0.05 kWh/m2) and ultra-low levels of waste (compacted waste always less than 1.5%) which is, in any case, 100% recyclable.
SACMI combines that outstanding product quality and versatility with glazing and digital decoration solutions. Visitors to our Uniceramics stand will have a great opportunity to see slabs made with Continua+ that have been glazed and/or digitally decorated on the SACMI Deep Digital line.

Complete plants

SACMI is the leading provider of machines and complete plants to the ceramic industry. Unsurpassed plant engineering expertise goes far beyond forming, providing everything needed for body preparation, from modular grinding - an area in which SACMI offers world-beating efficiency and consumption - to next-gen spray dryers. Customers can also count on the ‘Maestro’ kiln range - which features new digital set-ups that cut consumption by more than 10% compared to a conventional kiln - and high-efficiency dryers, produced directly in SACMI Nanhai to meet the specific needs of the Chinese market, plus automated handling solutions.

Sanitaryware & Tableware

Automation, sustainability and fewer manual processes are the hallmarks of the SACMI sanitaryware and tableware range. The year 2022 was a rewarding one: SACMI completed multiple projects, with the industry’s leading global players investing steadily. All technologies – high-pressure casting, robotic sanitaryware glazing, isostatic pressing and pressure casting for tableware, high-performance Riedhammer kilns – continued to set the market standard.
From a 4.0 perspective, installation of LaserMove solutions (laser-guided vehicles that fully automate in-factory handling) in China proved successful, paving the way for implementation of advanced tracking functions, process quality and repeatability, and better working conditions.
SACMI Sanitaryware & Tableware extends that same excellence to service: SACMI Nanhai, now further strengthened by a technical assistance team dedicated to these businesses, provides valuable assistance not just on the Chinese market but across the entire region, from India to East Asia.


The strategic Chinese market is overseen by SACMI Nanhai: 350 people dedicated to customers' investment and growth plans. This branch is the country’s production, sales and technical assistance hub, ensuring customers always get the very most from their SACMI technologies.
Visit the SACMI stand at Uniceramics 2023, stand n. 1009, hall 10 (International Hall).

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