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股东权益 7.22 亿欧元


2022 年销售额 18.12 亿欧元


3 年内投资 1.50 亿欧元(2022 年投资 4300万)







«We stand shoulder to shoulder with our customers worldwide to guide them through the green transition. It’s up to us»


In 2022, the value of SACMI's consolidated order book was three times higher than pre-pandemic levels. Against a backdrop of strong market demand that lasted the whole year and in the wake of a fast-paced recovery that began in 2021, SACMI significantly increased volumes and market shares across all the sectors in which it operates.

Today, SACMI is a more solid, stronger industrial Group: our customers’ response to a new approach centered on sustainability and digitalization has been highly promising. The economic result was the best in SACMI's history. However, numerous exogenous factors continued to impact markets in 2022.

The Russia-Ukraine conflict, spiraling energy prices, supply chain issues and overloaded logistics systems – already under pressure in the wake of the pandemic – continued to obstruct smooth growth. Such factors have, naturally, affected our customers’ investment plans, albeit in different ways in different countries and industries.

SACMI reacted to these challenges by focusing on procurement and job order planning in order to lessen the impact on both project lead times and operational management. In 2022 all Businesses and corporate bodies contributed significantly to the overall result: they all demonstrated resilience, faced down challenges with integrity and strengthened SACMI's reputation and leadership across multiple industries.

We invested in new skills, continuing to expand the SACMI workforce in Italy and around the world while bettering facilities and assistance services for our customers.Guided - as always - by a passion for technology and innovation, we look to 2023 with confidence and continue to concentrate on those factors - expertise, services and partnerships - that let us react quickly, effectively and proactively to today’s global challenges.

Paolo Mongardi, SACMI Imola S.C. President

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