SACMI-ISIA, winners of ArtTooling project awarded at Tecna

SACMI-ISIA, winners of ArtTooling project awarded at Tecna

There were a variety of tiles and sanitaryware on display at the fair, which featured innovative textures and digital mold modeling techniques. This was an opportunity for students to translate creativity into a production process and measure themselves against a factory environment. The special awards event will take place today. SACMI Chairman, Paolo Mongardi: “Your talents are our fortune.”

Rimini, Sept. 28, 2022 - “I would like to thank you for having the courage to fly high. Research and innovation are at the heart of our company, and our success depends on the talent of our employees.” This is how SACMI Chairman Paolo Mongardi welcomed students from ISIA, the Faenza-based University of Design, which partnered with SACMI on the “ArtTooling” project, which created innovative textures for ceramic tiles and sanitaryware, to the Rimini international trade fair Tecna.

A special awards ceremony was held today at Tecna, within the SACMI booth, in which a designated exhibition area has been set aside so that visitors can experience the product in person and be able to appreciate its unprecedented aesthetic features.
In the background is a new technology, the digital creation of molds from virtual models, without going through the die, by means of CNC working islands. This allows three-dimensional decorations to be made within the molds. This results in the ability to carry textures in the form of relief on the sanitaryware, consistent with the color palette and inserted in coordinated settings with slabs and tiles, the latter decorated with Deep Digital techniques, an integrated application of glazes, inks, and matter.
A real challenge for the students of the Ceramic Product Design course, coordinated by Prof. Sabrina Sguanci. There are four working groups and a title, “Sedimenti - Identità dei luoghi,” with the objective of “giving expression to this technological process” and “realizing a product with a high creative content that can be industrialized and customized immediately” as Prof. Sguanci pointed out.

It was not an easy task for the technical jury, given the high level of projects submitted. The authors of the winning project, “Scogliera,” were students Mariachiara Gaspari, Federico Giustozzi, and Eugenio Lo Turco, who were able to follow every phase of implementation at SACMI, coordinated with Santo Monteforte and Dante Biserni, product development managers at the Whiteware and Tiles Laboratories. In addition to the award, they have the pleasure of seeing their products on display at Tecna, the leading international exhibition of product technologies and ceramic surfaces, being held at Rimini Fiere this week.
“This project,” noted Isia director Maria Concetta Cossa, “exemplifies the modern concept of design, one we practice every day in our laboratories, combining creativity with new technologies.” As a result, we are able to create novel products, design in the broadest sense, but “pret-a-porter,” ready to be manufactured.
The students, who were given their prizes by Chairman Paolo Mongardi, commented, “We are proud of our achievement as well as the synergy created with the company.” This was a valuable opportunity, they explained, to evaluate ourselves against the challenges posed by a production process, “channeling a creative project into a technology,” with tangible and unexpected outcomes.


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