Crossville invests in the future with SACMI

Crossville invests in the future with SACMI

Based in the same-named city in Tennessee, Crossville is a specialized manufacturer of technical and glazed porcelain. A major technological modernization plan has now been implemented with a new SACMI dryer and modular mills. Result: more versatile, efficient management of different products and sizes, less consumption

Crossville Inc. Tile is an all-American manufacturer of pure excellence. Founded in 1986, it specializes in porcelain tiles, with a sharp focus on products such as full body and/or glazed technical stoneware.
It now joins forces with SACMI to complete an ambitious modernization plan involving the supply of key body preparation technologies and a next-gen dryer.

Born in the USA

“A family-owned, American company, we serve designers and architects, helping them create beautiful indoor and outdoor floors, walls, and countertops”. This sums up Crossville - headquartered in the city of the same name in Tennessee - perfectly.
Outstanding product quality, technical specifications and practicality are the hallmarks of Crossville. Already a long-standing SACMI customer, it now seeks to boost its manufacturing versatility, expand capacity in terms of quantity and size (from the classic 60x60 cm to 60x90 and 120x120 cm) and take environmental sustainability to the next level.

The machines

SACMI has provided Crossville with key technologies such as continuous modular grinding and a new 5-tier dryer. In detail:
  • a 16.9-metre ECP307 5-tier dryer with separate levels and a final stabilization module. The dryer replaces an existing machine to make production more flexible, especially with medium-large formats.
  • a new MMC74 mill, part of the latest generation of SACMI modular mills designed to maximize grinding quality and minimize consumption. The MMC74 will operate alongside the existing machine (a SACMI continuous mill that has delivered years of first-rate service), ensuring all the advantages of higher efficiency, greater process versatility and less water/energy consumption.

Automation and auxiliary systems

SACMI brings its full complement of plant engineering skills to the Crossville project. To ensure the customer can count on comprehensive support and service, all the machines were supplied together with auxiliary systems such as loading/unloading control panels and the automatic slip and color mix control system (QMB).
Given the uniqueness of Crossville products -  technical glazed stoneware of various types and finishes - the latter will play a crucial role in boosting system flexibility in accordance with needs.
Expected to be fully operational in the second half of the year, the plant will extend the attainable medium-size range (e.g. 120x120 cm), also by making the most of the SACMI PH7500 press which has already been in service for some years.

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