GSI Ceramica and SACMI working to reduce environmental impact of packaging

GSI Ceramica and SACMI working to reduce environmental impact of packaging

Pilot phase of “Sustainable Packaging” project launched with target to extend applicability and methodology large scale in the future. New system already tested with GSI Ceramica with recent supply of AVM casting machines.

Italian quality and creativity rise to the fore to meet the challenges of circularity and environmental sustainability. These are the core values of GSI Ceramica, one of SACMI’s top partners in its “Sustainable packaging” project.
The key objective of this project is to maximize the use of recycled materials by reducing non-fundamental packaging and by recovering used packaging wherever possible. During this pilot stage the project is focusing on the packaging of machines and moulds dispatched by the Italian production plants of the SACMI Sanitaryware business unit in Imola, Piacenza and Verona.

With GSI Ceramica, cooperation on this project was tested in the field during the recent supply of new AVM casting machines. In fact, recycled plastic film was used for the packaging of these machines and planning was made for recovery of packaging materials which can subsequently be re-used.  

From a wider point-of-view, this important new project aims to develop a supply chain “tracking and traceability” system for every type of packaging coming in and going out of SACMI’s plants, according to internationally recognized standards. The planned activities include:  
  • guaranteeing a certified supply chain for the wood used to make the crates containing the machines ready for shipment;  
  • using “eco-sustainable” plastic film (unless there are any technical limitations for doing so) and carrying out accurate preliminary tests to check they have the same performance as traditional packaging materials;
  • recovering packaging, especially pallets which can be re-used, from customers’ sites.  

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