Duravit China: further investments in integrated logistics with SACMI

Duravit China: further investments in integrated logistics with SACMI

Duravit China has recently purchased another 2 SACMI LaserMove vehicles bringing the total number of LGVs supplied to the plant to 18. The solution supports the company’s continuous expansion plan using SACMI’s latest machinery and technology. 

With the aim of sustaining its production expansion plan, Duravit China is investing in integrated logistics, in particular thanks to a new purchase of SACMI LaserMove technology. With the latest supply delivered in January 2023, the total number of LGVs operating at the Chongqing production plant rises to 18. 
Flagship plant of the Duravit Group due to it high level of automation and process control, the Chongqing factory has undergone constant growth in the quantity and quality of machines installed in recent years with SACMI its technological partner for each stage of the process. 
The recently completed supply of 2 additional laser-guided vehicles, sustains the increase in production expected to accompany the body preparation dept. expansion.  This was the crucial factor leading to the need to invest in factory logistics and automation of flow control to eliminate manual handling operations, thus improving quality and logistics. 
A special feature of the new vehicles supplied is that they are provided with lithium batteries which improves their performance thanks to the longer lifetime, efficiency and charging speed compared to traditional batteries. 
Thanks to the SACMI LaserMove fleet of vehicles, the product is handled and stored automatically, from casting to glazing, right up to transfer and deposit on the kiln cars. Automation of the transfer-storage operations also helps implement total tracking of production, monitoring of performance indicators and optimum control of orders and workflows. 
The recent supply further consolidates the long-standing partnership between SACMI and Duravit, with many projects carried out in the past, and currently in progress, throughout the various plants of the Group around the world. In particular, Duravit China is following a policy of constant production expansion which promises further investments in Sacmi machinery and technology in the future.   

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