CCD120 Embossing system

The SACMI CCD120 is the perfect solution for central panel embossing of both ROPP and multi-material aluminum caps (MASC).

The advantages of the CCD120

Unique appeal

ROPP or mult-material aluminum caps surfaces can be personalized in offset mode with a logo or text, the relief print being synchronised with the decoration: the obtained surface offers a new tactile sensation, maintaining the same performance and visual characteristics as standard caps.

Reduce customization costs

Embossing protects product originality, reducing the chances of counterfeiting. It’s also possible to customize the cap without lithography, reducing costs considerably. This feature allows “embellished” with the trademark, minimizing the risk of falsification.

Excellent performance

The CCD 120 provides outstanding performance, can handle up to 1200 pieces per minute and is available in two versions, with or without synchronization of embossing with the decoration already on the cap panel.

Enjoy completeness

The SACMI CCD120 is equipped with:

  • Hopper with rotating cap feeder and relative orientation system
  • Mechanical molding tools capable of rotating autonomously by means of servomotors
  • Outlet channel
  • PC interface

Ultra-accurate inspection

The CCD120 is equipped with the CVS3000 vision inspection system for both the inner and outer cup surfaces. This integrated solution, developed and produced by SACMI, offers the highest performance in terms of defect identification and quality assurance.

Technical Features

Version Cap Embossing
Cap dial mm 28
N° of punches 20
Max output rate pcs/min 1200 (timed)
Absorbed elec. power (average) kW (50 Hz) 10
Compressed air consump. 0.55 MPa NI/min 800
Dimensions mm 1250x1320x2100
Weight kg 2700

Pattern detection

On the versions where CCD 120 embossing is synchronized with the decoration already on the cap panel, the embossing alignment Vision System (CSV CCD) drive ensures that the decoration on the cap and the embossing are aligned perfectly.

Watch the CCD120 in action


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