Embossing Systems

Realisation of an embossed logo on the cap shell

Add value with embossing

The embossed cap is a practical, effective solution for companies that make innovation and originality their hallmarks.

SACMI CCDs can customize the panel surface with a logo or text. It is possible to align the embossed/debossed with the lithographic decoration: the obtained aspect offers a new tactile sensation, maintaining the same performance and visual characteristics as the standard caps.
Moreover, the embossing/debossing protects product originality, reducing the chances of counterfeiting.
The embossing of caps without lithography opens up new customization with a considerable reduction in costs.

CCD 300


crown closures embossing press

Rotary machine that carries out deformation or embossing on the moulded crown cap shell bottom. The main goal is to process shells that have already been externally lithographed and apply embossing so it is aligned with the lithographic drawing. Read more

CCD120 embossing system


The CCD120 provides outstanding performance, can handle up to 1200 pieces per minute and synchronises embossing with the decoration already on the outside of the cap. SACMI’s innovative CCD120 cap embossing solution can handle both ononymous and decorated caps, ensuring perfect synchronism between embossing and decoration.

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