Machines for the production and packaging of pralines, tablets and bars, balls, small eggs, eggs and hollow figures; machines for packaging hard candies, toffees and jelly candies.

SACMI, an all-around partner for the confectionery industry

Advanced solutions for modeling, primary and secondary bagging and packaging in the confectionery industry.

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SACMI, 110 years of experience in producing and packaging chocolate and confections

SACMI can boast over 110 years of experience in - and an in-depth knowledge of - the chocolate production and packaging industry. This is thanks to the extensive know-how, heritage and skills of its historic brands, Carle & Montanari (founded in 1907), OPM and FIMA. SACMI is, today, the only company in the world able to offer, through its solidly established brands, machines and complete lines for the preparation and moulding of chocolate, wrapping of all types of cocoa and candy products, flow-packaging and solutions for secondary packaging.

SACMI, 110 years of experience in producing and packaging chocolate and confections

A "sweet" love story with the top players in the chocolate industry - in Italy and world-wide

As early as in 1907 Enrico Carle founded Carle&Montanari, leading the "Italian way" to the chocolate industry. For over 110 years with the C&M brand, and more recently, with the extra skills and know-how resulting from the takeover of the OPM and FIMA brands, SACMI has been able to complete and internationalise its range of systems engineered for this market segment. The result is a number of solutions designed to support small- and large-sized chocolate industry players world-wide, with the ability to design and implement, side by side with our customers, machines for mixing, refining, conching, tempering, moulding, wrapping and packaging any type of chocolate-based product.


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The Baratti & Milano tradition looks towards the future with Sacmi Packaging & Chocolate.
After years of fruitful collaboration, the first “hybrid” in the sector - the new hy7 - goes into production.



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