Services for innovative and continuous training.


To provide training covering any phase of your systems' life cycle, we have created specific training programs for 3 different times of a system's life. Online training courses before installation, to become familiar with the machines and processes. On-site operational coaching by one of our trainers, to develop operational skills in the field. Troubleshooting courses delivered a few months after installation, to help your technicians solve the problems they may experience on a daily basis. 


Our e-learning service will allow you to become familiar with every detail of your system. Troubleshooting procedures, maintenance operations, machine and process details: all this is part of our e-learning package. Through always up-to-date videos, highly intuitive and made in such a way that they can be easily viewed by the machine on-board personnel, you will be able to find unique, independent solutions for any problems, guaranteeing maximised production efficiency.

Advanced and tailored courses

The most innovative learning methods combine different types of educational experiences, all aimed at trainee development. In addition to basic knowledge, to be acquired online, SACMI offers training courses delivered by expert trainers on your own premises and dedicated lessons on specific topics developed by our Academy with innovative tools.

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