RobotClean: finishing automation for a clean and healthy workplace plus better quality

RobotClean: finishing automation for a clean and healthy workplace plus better quality

The solution for compliance with health & safety standards through full automation of the finishing stages to ensure excellent appearance and perceived quality of the finished product at the same time.

A clean and healthy workplace is an essential requirement of the modern sanitaryware industry. Furthermore, recent health & safety standards consider crystalline silica dust among the agents carrying a “risk of carcinogenic exposure”. 

This is why SACMI has developed RobotClean, a solution ensuring the complete safety of all those operations  commonly referred to as “sanitaryware white finishing” which are currently usually performed manually meaning the operator has to work in contact with potentially harmful substances. This has meant that, up to now, companies have needed to provide special protective gear for the operators and make continuous checks on the efficiency of the suction systems. 

Specially developed to faithfully reproduce the operations carried out by hand by the worker, RobotClean’s tools make possible integrated control of compensation of the forces applied to the piece, with various solutions and programs carefully designed to ensure finishing of different pieces and their different parts (exterior, interior, rim and underim of WC bowls etc.).

Equipped with special abrasive elements as well as blowing and suction parts to keep the work area clean at all times – in addition to suitable filters to avoid any contamination of the surrounding environment – these tools make it possible to check the final quality of finishing with absolute precision and accuracy. This is a vital factor, in addition to the safety considerations, as concerns perceived quality of the finishd product given the importance of finishing in determining the final appearance.   

As with the full range of SACMI robotized solutions for sanitaryware, the distinguishing feature is the configurability of the solution, conceived to handle all the different production requirements of the sector, from the varying casting technologies to the type of mould used. These solutions make versatility a priority – a single robot can handle the complete range of finishing operations on any kind of article – but  different finishing robots can also be provided positioned one after the other to maximize production capacity eliminating all tool changeover operations.  

Fast and intuitive, the RobotClean technology includes dedicated programming software, which can be used to simulate in detail the various movements and operations of the robot optimizing performance.  These operations can be carried out off line, without affecting normal operations of the plant.

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