Cersanit invests again in the SACMI AVI Concept

Cersanit invests again in the SACMI AVI Concept

The number of solutions installed at Cersanit’s production plant in Krasnystaw, Poland has been visibly extended; all dedicated to the manufacture of complex WCs.  Up and running since the spring, the AVI solution stands out for its high production capacity and efficiency with rapid size change-over. 

Among the leading European brands of top quality sanitaryware, Cersanit has invested once more in SACMI technology for its production plant based in Krasnystaw, Poland. Three new AVI casting lines for complex WCs have just been successfully tested and started up as the next step in the advanced technological solutions being supplied by SACMI.

The three lines, which run independently of each other, each have two casting modules for the WC bowls and another 2 modules to cast the rim, with the possibility to handle moulds with up to 7 parts.  Each cell is served by an anthromorphic robot, with a load capacity of up to 700 kg, which controls all operations, from casting to de-moulding, from mould handling to transfer of the formed pieces to the pre-dryer and subsequent turnover onto the cars.

Each cell is equipped with a slip heating tank with a high capacity. In addition to the pre-dryer - which enables the piece to harden under safe conditions with controlled temperature and ventilation - an important role in terms of process control is also played by the piece weighing station. For any particular work cycle setting, this station will monitor the weight of the cast piece and, if there are any variations, it will instruct the upstream equipment to adjust the body parameters, such as slip density, accordingly.  
After forming, and once the piece has finished hardening inside the pre-dryer, it is once more the robot which takes care of loading the piece onto the car vertically for the subsequent finishing operations.  

Lead player on the European sanitaryware market, Cersanit is continuing to invest in order to expand its range of products, creating new WC models for its worldwide customers. 
The solutions supplied guarantee Cersanit an increase in production output, with the possibility to produce even the most complex pieces efficiently, enabling the customer to react quickly to varying production requirements thanks to the rapid size change-over system. Cersanit continues to invest in more advanced solutions making it possible to produce high quality and modern design sanitaryware products for their end clients.

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