Akij Bangladesh starts production of new one-piece WCs with SACMI RobotCasting

Akij Bangladesh starts production of new one-piece WCs with SACMI RobotCasting

Four new AVM 152 machines - the larger solution specially designed by SACMI for optimum manufacture of one-piece WCs - just started up at Trishal production plant.  The latest step in Akij’s plan for investment in SACMI high pressure casting and the manufacture of complex WCs with AVM technology

Akij Bangladesh invests in the manufacture of modern one-piece WCs with SACMI RobotCasting technology. 4 new AVM152 casting machines have recently been started up at the Trishal factory for optimum production of these pieces.

With larger dimensions than the standard AVM, the AVM 152 cell makes it possible to carry out both the forming of the WC body as well as the rim application and glueing operations in a single fully automatic process. After demoulding, the piece is loaded directly onto the car for transfer to the next workstations.

This project is part of a wider plan of Akij Bangladesh to carry out a complete technological switch towards high pressure casting with SACMI technology. In particular, the 4 new AVM 152 just commissioned are operating alongside the same number of standard AVM 150 machines already started up in October 2023 and dedicated to the production of complex WCs made with moulds having up to 7 parts. Finally, there are also AVM machines running at Trishal dedicated to the manufacture of simple WCs.

During this stage of the project, one of the most critical advantages has been the efficient and constant cooperation between the technical teams of Sacmi and Akij. This close collaboration was evident during all stages, from preparation of the models and moulds, made according to the customer’s design, to control of the start-up stage and machine commissioning, which was achieved reaching all the production objectives required. 

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