Profitable digitalization by SACMI: waiting 4 Drinktec 2022

Profitable digitalization by SACMI: waiting 4 Drinktec 2022

SACMI is set to present its new cap-preform smart production line at the Drinktec fair in Munich (Messe München, Messe gelande, 12-16 September 2022). Tailor-made solutions and services are driving digital transformation: from the new AB 1881 tethered caps for CSDs to integrated slitting solutions and computer vision systems for every stage of the process ​

How can the digitalization of rigid packaging lines maximize your profits? SACMI is getting ready to answer that question at the Drinktec fair in Munich (Messe München, Messegelände, 12-16 September 2022) where we’ll be displaying the latest smart lines for the manufacture of both plastic caps and PET preforms. 

SACMI bases its digitalization strategy on a few key principles that let customers take full advantage of state-of-the-art technology. These principles translate into specific innovation packages and tailor-made services that provide customers with sound investment and growth support to ensure they get results that match their needs. 

From a 4.0 perspective, this is leading to ever-greater integration and process control, from cap production to slitting, folding and the in-line checks on the TE band that are increasingly important with tethered caps. 


Real-time reaction (SACMI Smart Pack). SACMI Smart Pack is a new digital package that incorporates advanced sensors and on-board controls on SACMI cap lines. It has a clear goal: to increase plant availability and extend the working life of its components, thus simplifying the workers’ tasks. 

Smart Pack streamlines work when material or size changeovers are required. It automatically checks for correct positioning of the dose. It knows if a wrong resin has been loaded. In short, Smart Pack reduces the risk of any error that might damage the machine, cause line downtimes or, more generally, waste time and resources. 

Optimized preventive plans (HERE SACMI, Manufacturing Execution Software). The second SACMI digitalization area concerns optimizing your plant manufacturing and maintenance plans. The HERE by SACMI supervisor is specifically designed to meet producers’ needs.  With HERE, customers can keep tabs on plant status or supplies and can perform advanced monitoring-tracking of individual batches, lines or machines. 

Such accurate supervision constitutes a clear economic advantage as it means less unexpected machine downtime and increased overall plant availability. 

Trend prediction (SACMI Smart Care). 

SACMI Smart Care runs continuous, in-depth medium-long term health checks on your machines. 

This package is an IoT service for the in-cloud collection and management of machine and plant-generated data, which is analyzed by SACMI-developed AI algorithms to predict machine behavior and process parameter trends. 

The outcome? Process values can be measured and objectified, opening the door to profitable scenarios in which, for example, predictive maintenance stems from actual machine status during production, and any drifting of process parameters is detected long before it becomes a potential problem. 

Through its expert customer data analysis teams, SACMI also offers a Premium remote proactive monitoring service that aims to maximize plant efficiency by identifying causes of ineffectiveness, non-optimal parameters and weak areas that need strengthening. 

This additional service draws on an analysis of your machine data and behavior, as detected by SMART CARE. 

New SACMI AB1881 CSD 43-24K cap. One of the goals of SACMI's participation at Drinktec is to put the new architecture to the test with the production of an innovative, high-performance cap. The complete line on show at the fair will be dedicated to making the new SACMI-designed AB1881 CSD 43-24K, PCO1881 28 mm neck cap for highly carbonated soft drinks (CSDs). 

The two key cap features are low weight (2.12 grams) and integration of the slitting solution to meet the new tethered standard. SACMI will illustrate how manufacturers can produce up to 1350 such caps per hour with just 48 cavities (CCM48SD) by integrating a series of vision systems both in-machine and downstream from the press. 

A total integration approach. SACMI aims to create a complete process that’s fully integrated with upstream CCM cap production to provide comprehensive Smart Line performance. 

In addition to the tamper evident band slitting and folding machine (SFM), the line also features the new PFMC (pull force machine); the latter is designed to perform checks and tests on the TE band during production to provide a consistent consumption experience. Featuring an extremely compact footprint, the PFMC allows cap samples (just processed by the SFM) to be picked according to needs-based intervals and parameters and then tested for proper tamper evident band slitting performance. 

Upstream, the line also incorporates an automatic resin feeding and dosing system; downstream, it is completed by a case filling unit. Once again, automatic checks prevent any human error, such as failure to fill boxes or cap/lot mix-ups in relation to product recipes. 

CVS 154, a vision system r-evolution. SACMI is the world’s only solution provider to offer a dedicated vision system for every single stage of production on cap, preform, label and bottle lines. In addition to the additional checks performed by the PFMC, the presented solution features a system downstream from the SFM machine that can identify a complex series of potential on-cap defects on the inner surface, body and side wall. 

In addition to identifying defects invisible to the human eye - such as tiny scratches or imperfections - the system takes indicative measurements of external and internal cap diameters, again detecting any broken or faulty band bridges. 

SACMI is, then, shifting the concept of quality control towards solutions that improve and optimize the entire process. For example, in this configuration, each inspected cap can be traced back to the exact mold cavity in which it was made. This lets manufacturers respond effectively in order to correct deviations/problems upstream from the process by using the full potential of data and real-time information flows. 

Waitin’ 4 you at Drinktec 2022! (HALL B5 booth 302/304/101) 

Stay Tuned! 

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