Lifetime support

Lifetime support

Solutions to support your business on a daily basis

the expertise of our technicians, the extent of our network, our warehouse storage capacity, a dedicated portal for our services. These are just some of the tools through which we plan to supply increasingly efficient customer support.

Product Support service

Every time that you buy a SACMI machine, this is installed and tested by our technicians, who ensure that production can be carried out in the best conditions for your business. You can obtain top quality for longer from your SACMI machines thanks to our extended warranty proposals. Or you can check the conditions of both your process and your machines through audits performed by our senior technicians who, on the basis of input from their analyses, will advise you on any required updating or improvement. In any case, SACMI's expertise and know-how are key assets always available to support your business.

Continuous support service

We are aware of the importance of obtaining immediate help when needed. SACMI offers you continuous assistance, tailor-made for your needs thanks to different subscription packages that will meet any requirement.

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Spare parts

Spare parts management is increasingly important for maintaining the efficiency of your system. SACMI offers an increasingly efficient and faster order and delivery system, thanks to our new S.P.A.C.E. portal. We can also support you in managing your stock, suggesting lists of dedicated spare parts according to your production plans, and helping you minimise non-current costs.

Maintenance plans

We have developed preventive, corrective and predictive maintenance schedules for your machines and your plant. With our SMART, SECURE and SMART+ packages, your production planning has never been so safe.

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