Cooperativa Ceramica d’Imola invests in the PCR2120, the ‘smartest’ member of the SACMI Continua+ family

Cooperativa Ceramica d’Imola invests in the PCR2120, the ‘smartest’ member of the SACMI Continua+ family

New line to join the PCR2000 that has been operating successfully at the Faenza plant for years. Investment to include a dryer and a new Maestro kiln, carrying forward a long-standing partnership based on technological excellence, quality and environmental sustainability. 

The Cooperativa Ceramica d’Imola has purchased a new SACMI Continua+ line to boost volumes at its Faenza plant. This latest machine joins the PCR2000 that has been operating at the Faenza plant - a world-renowned example of high quality Italian ceramic production - for years now.
The partnership between the Cooperativa Ceramica d’Imola and SACMI is rooted in the more than one-hundred-year history of these two companies, which share the same values and have a market-leading array of technologies.

The latest addition to the SACMI Continua+ family, the new PCR2120 is a smart solution that will allow the Cooperativa Ceramica to manufacture slabs and tiles with different sizes, decorations and thicknesses. It ensures maximum productivity and versatility while keeping space requirements to a minimum.
Thanks to a 120 cm compaction front, the PCR2120 is perfect for producing 120x240 cm slabs and their relative sub-sizes (120x120 cm, etc.). Continua+ offers the dual advantage of zero scrap and the lowest consumption on the market. Now, the PCR2120 offers customers further opportunities on both the slab and standard size fronts.

The entire order focuses on sustainability and optimized energy consumption. Downstream from the PCR2120, in fact, are a 7-tier dryer and a new 113-meter FMA kiln from the new high-performance SACMI Maestro range. To complete the picture we have SACMI Deep Digital decoration solutions, with the installation of a new DHD.

The increase in volumes expected from the new line could, once the output capacity of the kiln (the fourth to come on line at the Faenza plant) is saturated, reach 9,000 m2 a day. Meanwhile, the partnership with SACMI also continues at the Borgo Tossignano site, where an additional SACMI kiln and next-gen dryer were recently installed.

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