“Using the SACMI post-processing solution ensures we get the most from our production technologies”.
Anton Sugoniaev, Head of R&D Department RETAL Group
In short: SACMI has smoothed the transition to the new tethered standard, with faster size changeovers and greater productivity.
Personalized, sustainable, versatile. This is the packaging of the future, and it lies at the heart of the world’s main converters and bottlers’ investment plans. For example, RETAL Group, a world-leading supplier of complete packaging solutions for the beverage and food sectors, recently invested in SACMI’s beverage cap Post Processing solution. 

The technological context

Interview with Anton Sugoniaev, Head of RETAL Group R&D Department

“With 12 plants in 9 countries worldwide, our sales area covers some 70 nations, from Europe to the Americas, from Africa to Asia” observes Anton Sugoniaev, Head of the RETAL Group R&D Department. “Every year we produce over 8 billion caps, 12 billion preforms, 52 million containers of varying size and design, not to mention 31,000 tons of plastic film”. 

So which technologies are used? “RETAL currently employs both compression and injection technologies on its cap manufacturing lines. Recently, we made further major investments in SACMI compression lines. Tamper band slitting and folding”, continues Anton Sugoniaev, “is a vital operation for us producers as it has a decisive impact on the consumer experience. Over the years we’ve witnessed far-reaching regulatory developments, such as the new tethered standard, and a growing need for greater product and brand recognition. Hence the SACMI solution, which provides an unmatched response that makes the very most of both our technologies and shortens market response times”. 


One of the advantages of the SACMI Post Processing solution is that it lets producers slit and fold the caps downstream from the press: “In a traditional injection system, integrating tamper band production on the press requires the use of complex, high-cost molds that need regular maintenance”, explains Sugoniaev. 

Moreover, points out the Head of the RETAL Group R&D Department, “this system imposes a certain rigidity where modifications to tamper band geometry or 'opening torques' (the force needed to open the bottle) are required. Yet it’s that very ability to make such modifications that many customers ask us to provide to meet their specific production or product customization needs”. 

With the SACMI tamper band slitting and folding solution - a single machine that mounts a specific cutting tool according to the selected configuration - size changeovers are simple and economical; this multiplies the number of available configurations without affecting investment in terms of capital expenditure while providing a decisive advantage in terms of operational expenditure. “In addition to versatility, what caught our eye was the machine’s operating principle, which involves fewer parts subject to wear and, therefore, lower maintenance costs and greater long term reliability. 


“SACMI compression molding is highly advantageous as it delivers greater productivity per cavity compared to injection molding”, explains Mr. Sugoniaev. “Using the slitting and folding machine downstream from the injection process allows for the use of simpler molds and ensures faster cycles. Further benefits stem from integration with our existing SACMI line and being able to count on a sole provider".

This way, even individual samples made for product development purposes can be made much faster and at low cost. In conclusion, the Head of the RETAL Group R&D Department says “ this means we’re able to respond to our customers more proactively. More specifically, we’re ready to invest in production of the new tethered standard, which will join our current range of CSD cap configurations. In fact, all we need to do is incorporate a format modification into the machines, which includes the required cutting tool type: all with low-level investment and a drastically shortened time to market”. 

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